According to a recent article I read in Politico, the United States has been virtually hijacked by a national leadership whose agenda is to subvert the truth in the interest of remaking society to fit their own distorted political view of things. For the author of this piece, Donald Trump is well on his way to creating a world of alternative facts where inviolate subjects such as climate change, internet privacy, free trade, democracy, elections, minority rights, national security, and health care are completely turned on their head with radically new policy. By power of executive order invested in the White House,Trump can summarily change how government perceives, funds, regulates and replaces programs. In wholesale fashion,  this president can, with the peremptory sweep of pen across a document, cancel funding for research, stop certain initiatives dead in their tracks, remove illegal aliens, challenge major trade accords and treaties, and serve notice that big change is on the way. In other words, upset the proverbial world apple cart in order reclaim the cart and any fruit that may be yours. According to Trump’s followers, he is to be respected as the national leader who will finally do the politically unthinkable and indelicate: drain the swamp of all that is bad. In one respect this is all very alarmingly true.Trump has come to Washington to revolutionize government so that it conforms to his populist, Ayn Rand view of life. Like his stalwart Bannon once intimated, the time has come to blow up the system with the hope of rebuilding it into something much better. Such narcissistic, Nietzchean aspirtions come with their own set of disputed facts essentially argue that much of what we know to date about good governance is a load of crock if it disagrees with the right of the indvidual to be his own conscience. The greater good of society ethic doesn’t exist for Trump if it conflicts with his America First Doctrine that has the rest of the world quaking in its boots. Sounds like a thinly veiled version of Hitler. While I am not predicting how Trump’s often chaotic and incoherent mission will play out, one thing I know for sure is that it has certainly unleashed an incredible backlash of sound and fury from those on the Left and Centre who see him as a direct threat to all that is true, virtuous and reasonable in society. The problem here is that while two-thirds of the population may see Trump as a despotic rascal intent on perverting the truth – a madman of sorts with an evil agenda – many  are unable to acknowledge the reality of their own brokenness: heavy consumer debt, heavy reliance on opioids,  a growing distrust for public institutions,  high rate of obesity, serious political polarization, and systemic racism. All these widespread conditions combiine or conspire to make America very vulnerable to the likes of political scalliwags whose riffing creates out of this cesspool of human failure a false narrative of hope and redemption. The nation is hurting today like it has never before because it doesn’t know how to undo the fact or truth that it has Trump as their president for the next four years with the real prospect that he could in that period do a lot of irreversible damage to an already fragile and deeply divided society with all his dubious promises of making things great again. For one thing, how can he hope to succeed without distorting even further the make-believe world many Americans live in. Having just failed at trying to repeal Obamacare, watch Trump move on tax reform in an effort win over some of that two-thirds entrenched opposition.