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We Have Become Allotment Gardeners

For three years now, Belle and I have had our names in for a plot at the local community garden. Be under no illusion that this allotment garden is just another amateurish effort to grow vegetables and fruit within one… Continue Reading →

Entering a New Era

The past six months have alerted me to a number of critical phenomena that are emerging in society. As our parents’ generation of war-timers seem to be passing away before our very eyes, the culture of yesterday seems to be… Continue Reading →

Still Lacking Clarity and Credibility After So Many Years

In the post-911 era, the United Nations, conceived originally in 1945 as a grand scheme and organization to ensure global peace and security, still struggles to remain relevant in its mission. While its founding principles remain undeniably noble, the UN… Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up

This past Thursday evening I decided to go out for a game of bowls at the club. I had to choose between staying home to follow the important Celtics-Cavs tilt or enjoy some physical exercise on the green. Given that… Continue Reading →

The Future of a Government

It has been nearly two weeks since the BC provincial election as a final result has not been registered. Everything seems to hang on a judicial recount in Courtenay-Comox and 170k absentee votes. If the Liberals win the recount here,… Continue Reading →

A Devil Without Details

It is Sunday morning, and I am minutes away from going to church. For a few minutes of my precious time, I am listening to Trump’s speech to the Arab-Islamic Joint Summit in Riyadh while sipping on my morning java…. Continue Reading →

Behind an Attitude Adjustment

Every so often we are called on to adjust our attitude as to how we attempt to live. For me, it is usually a matter of taking on too much and having to cut back in order to avoid feeling… Continue Reading →

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I have followed and been involved in many elections during my life, but last night’s provincial election tops them all. It was a nail biter and cliffhanger right from the get-go. For once, the pollsters got it right: too close… Continue Reading →

Politics in a Nutshell

The past few weeks have been an eye-opener for me when it comes to assessing the intense, conflicting, ¬†and often murky world of BC politics. For the first time in many provincial elections, I have received some unmistakable clarity as… Continue Reading →

A Final Farewell

This past four months have been a most intriguing time in my life when I got to say an earthly good-bye to my mother and stepdad. Last week a number of the family travelled up island for Doug’s funeral. While… Continue Reading →

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