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On the Job – Part 5

I have now completed five weeks of work and here is what I have learned so far. One, the capacity to learn to work through little problems at the till, which can be many, in the course of an eight-hour… Continue Reading →

Issues for the New Year

Here is my list of twenty big social and political issues I will be following in 2017 as the world grapples with the need for clarity and solutions: A. The need for healthcare reform in Canada and the United States;… Continue Reading →

On the Job – Part 3

I am now in the fourth week of my job experiment, and I would be lying if I said it was a cakewalk. What really is happening is that I am learning to adjust my life to some new constraints… Continue Reading →

The Death of a Stranger

This morning I woke up to sirens going off below our bedroom window. Not unusual given the fact that Gorge Road West is a major corridor for ambulances moving across the city. What I didn’t realize at the time, as… Continue Reading →

On the Job – Part 2

Near the end of Week two and I have so much to report on my job as a grocery clerk. I am on a steep learning curve without the use of a manual, just a lot of visuals and oral… Continue Reading →

On the Job – Part 1

For the past five days I have been fitting mysel back into the workforce; this time as a lowly grocery clerk for a major food retail outlet in the city. At sixty-four I need to get more focused in my… Continue Reading →

Big Changes Coming

Like in politics constructive and periodic change is welcome when reseting one’s personal priorities, as long as it isn’t too radical. Whatsoever we attempt to do in life can always be done better if the need presents itself. For the… Continue Reading →

A Wonderful Online Concert

Normally, this time of the year we often attend the Carol Advent service at the Cathedral. Enjoyable as that has proven to be, I decided to do something different this year. Every year, Minnesota Public Radio, in conjunction with its… Continue Reading →

Brushing up for an Exam

Next week I write, for the sixth year straight, the annual national basketball officials exam. Though I have no interest in officiating at the higher levels of the game – my age being the big prohibitive factor here – I… Continue Reading →

The Old August Club

Yesterday I attended a political function at the local Union Club in downtown Victoria. This old Victorian marble and granite edifice, right across from the Empress Hotel, built in the early 1870s at the time of Confederation, became the home-away-from-home… Continue Reading →

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