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Even Capone Wasn’t This Bad!

This true life crime biography is definitely a major improvement on the twins version of events in “Reg and Ron Kray: Our Story”. While this autobiography is full of glorifying braggadocio and self-serving inaccuracies, Pearson’s “Profession of Violence” is a… Continue Reading →

How policy gets implemented at the top in China?

According to Professor Zweig, the mantle of real power in Chinese politics rests on the ability of its new leader, the CCP’s general-secretary, to first garner and build meaningful support in the politburo’s standing committee, for any policy initiatives or… Continue Reading →

Hallgrimur Helgason’s “Woman at 1000 Degrees” – An Icelandic Superwoman”

Every so often an author comes along to overturn the tables on a nation’s culture by attacking and cutting the very legs out from under it. Writer and visual artist Helgason does a savage number on the male-dominant, misogynistic Icelandic… Continue Reading →

Karl Ove Knausgaard’s “Spring”: Living through a family crisis

Many of us have been there and come through sadder but wiser for the experience. Mine happened years ago, before I was married, and involved my parents’ ongoing marital battles. The amazing thing about this seventeen year bout of familial… Continue Reading →

Compassion with no clear endgame

We have, on the outskirts of our city, yet another tent encampment taking shape. It consists of eighty to ninety campers living in an open field by a main highway going into town from up island. The conditions are primitive,… Continue Reading →

Feeling and Understanding an Injury

This past week has been a time of personal reckoning for me on a number of fronts, and it all has to do with what I make of my time as I work through a nagging elbow injury that seems… Continue Reading →

Avoid if Possible

I can’t imagine anything more potentially destructive than getting involved in trying to settle a family matter where emotions are rife, hurts are deep, ignorance prevails, and inertia abounds. Trust me, if you have a dog in the fight, make… Continue Reading →

Surviving a Heat Wave

This is definitely the hottest stint of summer weather we have experienced since moving here in 2011. Average daily temps are around 26-30 with high UV and humidity readings for the past three weeks with no rain in sight. So… Continue Reading →

Wising up to Trump

There are many of us who are still trying to wrestle with the larger-than-life public persona of Donald Trump, America’s 45th president, as he continue to weigh in on and influence the outcome of world affairs. This past week has… Continue Reading →

Honoring Forty Years of Marriage

I don’t think of myself as an incontrovertible romantic who only sees life through rose-colored spectacles, so when I describe forty years of marriage to a wonderful lady, I am not exaggerating to cover up or pretend what was never… Continue Reading →

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