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Pot is Legal, Not Safe

Talk about a hollow victory: as of this morning, the sale and consumption of marijuana is legal per regulations that make It illegal to sell to a minor, sell outside a certified dispensary, and smoke in a public space or… Continue Reading →

Break the Slate?

This past month I have spent considerable time helping some political friends get elected here in Greater Victoria. The group I am associated with is called United for Saanich, which is headed up by the incumbent mayor, one councillor, and… Continue Reading →

Nothing Like the Present to be Thankful

Here are some things to be thankful to God for: 1. My wife’s continued decent health; 2 ¬†A great church family to worship and fellowship with; 3. Decent eyesight for reading and enjoying the beauty of life; 4. Hearing that… Continue Reading →

Staying Put

Our church is going through some major changes these days, with some less easy to adjust to than others. For the close to seventy years I have been attending Sunday morning services, I have rarely found the style of worship… Continue Reading →

Surprised by Joy in the Midst of Sorrow

Three months ago my wife and I finished a 2000 piece puzzle showing the Brooklyn Bridge with downtown Manhattan in the background. As jigsaws go, one of the tougher ones we have ever attempted because the evening sky involved six… Continue Reading →

What’s In It For Me?

So US and Canadian negotiators have reached a so-called last-minute trade deal meant to overhaul the current NAFTA. After months of gut-wrenching, politically-rife, in-your-face talks, both sides have reached a drop-dead point where they are ready to take 100 pages… Continue Reading →

Life Behind the Wall

I have just returned from my bi-annual visit to a large correction centre in Washington State. As one of a team of thirty-five volunteers for Kairos Prison Ministries, I go in to work with a group of inmates who espouse… Continue Reading →

Nomination in Trouble?

A week in politics and anything can happen, so the old apothegm goes. No truer words when it comes to the ongoing Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh in Washington, DC. As a avid political watcher, I have spent several… Continue Reading →

One Monstrously Fine Day

I have always tried to live by the motto that each day is to be lived to its fullest in order to appreciate its value. The Bible exhorts us to rejoice in the day the Lord has made regardless of… Continue Reading →

A Court Ruling with Interesting Implications

For the past four months the Regina Park or Camp Namegan has been attracting a lot of public attention when it comes to the plight of the homeless. Under the controversial and often intemperate ¬†leadership of self-acclaimed activist, Kristi Brett,… Continue Reading →

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