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Ann Applebaum’s “Red Famine” – A Study about Political Repression of the most Vicious Kind

Until I read this book on Stalin’s draconian efforts to collectivize the Ukraine during the 20s and 30s, I had only a very broad knowledge of its long-standing trauma on its people. The author makes a solid case for why… Continue Reading →

Under the radar for so many years

Quite often we get away with things because nobody either cares to check us out or we go unnoticed. A lack of policy or a moral blind spot is quite often the fundamental cause where practice often becomes the norm…. Continue Reading →

In the World of Open-Ended Politics

As I move through 2018, I am reminded how open-ended and indefinite the world of politics has become at all levels. Like with the aches and pains that too often afflict the human body, we live in a society that… Continue Reading →

A Reality Check Compliments of Ingmar Bergman

I guess it is the Nordic blood in my veins that makes me hanker after a little bit of Bergman film noir from time to time. For cinephiles like myself who like darkened, wind-swept, barren landscapes that seem to lock… Continue Reading →

Too close for comfort

One of the drawbacks to living in a condo is that you never know when you will have that one big misadventure when water, by the gallon, escapes its confines to spaces below. To prevent that disaster from happening, most… Continue Reading →

A Great Time in Prison

The last four days in prison ministry at Clallam Bay has been both a challenging and rewarding experience for me and my co-workers. Under the auspices of Kairos Prison Ministries, ┬áthirty-five trained volunteers visited a group of practicing Christian inmates… Continue Reading →

Taking a Position on an Issue

Every so often I take inventory of where I stand on big social and political issues based on the best evidence I can muster on the subject without mistaking myself for an expert. Since I work mainly by experience and… Continue Reading →

How The Mighty Have Fallen

All through this latest high school basketball season in the province, Oak Bay Breakers Sr. Boys were considered invincible; the team to beat because it was loaded with height, shooting, ball-handling skills and experience. Throughout the season, they lost only… Continue Reading →

Working Through Some Injuries

The last few weeks has been a time when I have learned that age is not only catching up on me but that nagging injuries are now revealing themselves more often. A case in point is that I am currently… Continue Reading →

Weighing in on Gun Control

Here is an issue that is truly politically divisive in the United States today. Surveys show that those on the political right are significantly more likely to support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms today than those on the… Continue Reading →

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