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On a Fact Finding Tour

It is four days to go before our big annual holiday, and we have decided to take a break from the packing to do a little Saturday afternoon tour or walkaround of downtown Victoria. We planned this outing to coincide… Continue Reading →

Drive Defensively!

The past few weeks have been scary times for drivers in the Greater Victoria area. There isn’t a day goes by when one doesn’t hear of a nasty road accident somewhere nearby: rollovers, collisions, road rage, running a red light,… Continue Reading →

Getting it Right

I had just settled into a night’s sleep of pleasant dreams when I was awakened with a squeal of tires and a loud bang outside our bedroom window. We live on the top floor looking out over one of the… Continue Reading →

The Power of Politics versus the Politics of Power

The past few days in BC politics has proven, once again, that there are no set scripts for what transpires in the halls of power. For the past five months – leading up to the provincial election and culminating with… Continue Reading →

What Have I Learned These Past Few Days at the Waterway

These past couple of days have offered some interesting and extraordinary insights into the world I live in. Either by reading, observing my surroundings, or asking the appropriate questions, I have come to be better informed about and secure in… Continue Reading →

A Rapier Analysis of a Criminal Mind

I am in the process of reading the definitive biography on the crazy, upside-down life of Charles Manson. Written by highly-acclaimed journalist, Jeff Guinn, “Manson” goes where Bugliosi’s “Helter Skelter” doesn’t. Right into the very heart of one of the… Continue Reading →

A Lesson from a Community Garden

I am currently enrolled in a course on helping to effect social good in society by enhancing the commons. This is the general area in any community open to the public for prescribed use such as walking, gardening, socializing, relaxing,… Continue Reading →

The Need for Radical Candor in Our Lives

Over the last while I have encountered in myself and others a serious need to be frankly honest in conducting business. Being candorous or transparent when transacting or plainly conversing allows for and usually leads to a greater understanding of… Continue Reading →

Being Politically Smart

One of the key lessons that the German underground learned during the turbulent Thirties was that nothing was ever really gained by confronting the Nazis in open combat on the streets of major German cities. Communists and Socialists mixing it… Continue Reading →

The Moral Imperative Behind the Political Agenda

After reading Maikiah Prull’s recent musings in “The Tyee”, I am more convinced than ever that the new Horgan coalition government has a hidden agenda it wants to spring on British Columbians over the next couple of years, if it… Continue Reading →

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