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Alberta Politics in the Midst of Some Big Change

This is the week that the Progressive Conservative Party – once government now reduced to a single-digit third party – launches its leadership campaign. In the mix are candidates who, while tasked to restoring the party’s once grand image, each… Continue Reading →

Old Men Dreaml

Today I decided to pay my old friend Robin a visit. As an old politico and curmudgeon of these many years, he had something big he wanted to share with me, a vision, in other words, that only a man… Continue Reading →

Game Coming Together

This past week I took some time off from the game of lawn bowling. Not a bad idea when I was experiencing some mixed results due in large part to my overplaying. That is the condition in which one tries… Continue Reading →

An Idyllic Isle of Sorts

This past week Belle and I took off up island to visit another one of those smaller but very charming Gulf Islands that seem to forever attract outsiders because of their close proximity. This time it was Quadra, just ten… Continue Reading →

The Evangelical House Divided

Don’t ever try to convince American evangelical leaders that they are irrelevant in this upcoming presidential election, even if a favorite son or daughter isn’t in the race, what with Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee being sidelined. A number of… Continue Reading →

The Lessons of History

Those who read history for a living or a past-time often fall into the trap of analyzing events through the filter of personal prejudice or bias. Compound that with the standard handicap of resorting to hindsight in order to draw… Continue Reading →

What’s Got Them Riled

Here we are into our seventh day of holidays on this gem of a Caribbean island, and the public transportation has been down for five of those days because of an ongoing labor dispute. While Bermuda is small enough to… Continue Reading →

A New Strategy for Getting to the Unconverted

The other day I received a handwritten letter in the mail. While that may still not be unusual in this digital age, its origin was: the local Kingdom Hall. While one usually associates this sect’s efforts at proselytizing with door-knocking… Continue Reading →

Time With A Dying Friend

There was a time when I tried to avoid funerals and last farewells. I guess it was a case of trying to block out an experience that could so easily disturb my sense of immediate security. Don’t disturb my little… Continue Reading →

“Hotel Terminus” – A Modern Horror Tale

I recently watched a German film on the life and times of Klaus Barbie, the infamous Gestapo chief for the city of Lyons between 1942 and 1944. By far, it had to be the best investigative documentary I have ever… Continue Reading →

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