Things Are Looking Up

A few months back my wife and I faced a major decision when it came to facing major changes at our church. Firstly, the leadership, at this time, was looking at moving to a more contemporary style of worship music… Continue Reading →

“The Real Lolita”

For many years I have come to regard Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita” as a classic masterpiece that captures the crazy hidden pleasures of illicit love. The story covers the experiences of a middle-aged man who seduces a young girl into coming… Continue Reading →

Not a Good Bet

Last night I noticed that the nations of the world wound up their latest UN summit in Poland where emissaries from over 160 countries got together to set the rule book for enforcing new emission standards for fighting climate change…. Continue Reading →

A Mary Poppins’ Experience

Every so often I like to do a major overhaul in my life. That means out with the old and in with the new, in the hope that I can still improve with age. Like in the iconic movie, where… Continue Reading →

Plugged Up!

For the past week I have been living with plugged ears. I woke up last Sunday morning with an extraordinary feeling: both my ears were solidly blocked with wax and I couldn’t hear a blessed thing. ¬†I tried to stretch… Continue Reading →

One Monstrously Fine Day

I have always tried to live by the motto that each day is to be lived to its fullest in order to appreciate its value. The Bible exhorts us to rejoice in the day the Lord has made regardless of… Continue Reading →

A Court Ruling with Interesting Implications

For the past four months the Regina Park or Camp Namegan has been attracting a lot of public attention when it comes to the plight of the homeless. Under the controversial and often intemperate ¬†leadership of self-acclaimed activist, Kristi Brett,… Continue Reading →

Honoring Forty Years of Marriage

I don’t think of myself as an incontrovertible romantic who only sees life through rose-colored spectacles, so when I describe forty years of marriage to a wonderful lady, I am not exaggerating to cover up or pretend what was never… Continue Reading →

In the World of Open-Ended Politics

As I move through 2018, I am reminded how open-ended and indefinite the world of politics has become at all levels. Like with the aches and pains that too often afflict the human body, we live in a society that… Continue Reading →

The Political Propaganda of the Right

Though I see myself as a veritable rightwinger who espouses the individual right to pursue life, liberty and happiness based on hard work and less government, I am not blind to how this ideology can be dangerously misused by politicians… Continue Reading →

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