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Wait Long Enough and . . .

This past week has been proof once again that good ideas, programs and people don’t quickly disappear at the first or second setbacks. Proof of that comes in the gradual ascendancy of the Gonzaga University Bulldogs men’s basketball team over… Continue Reading →

A Wonderful Online Concert

Normally, this time of the year we often attend the Carol Advent service at the Cathedral. Enjoyable as that has proven to be, I decided to do something different this year. Every year, Minnesota Public Radio, in conjunction with its… Continue Reading →

Brushing up for an Exam

Next week I write, for the sixth year straight, the annual national basketball officials exam. Though I have no interest in officiating at the higher levels of the game – my age being the big prohibitive factor here – I… Continue Reading →

Surprised by Joy

This past week will stand out as one of the more exiting times in my life. It was a time when a number of events came together for me that proves, once again, how favoured we are as human beings… Continue Reading →

A Tribute to a Wonderful Voice

In all the years I have been a Dodger baseball fan, the most unforgettable feature of this great team is not the performance on the field so much as the action coming from the broadcast box back of home plate…. Continue Reading →

Shot in the Dark

There are times when it is impossible to comprehend the mechanics of what just happened, whether it be good or bad. That is why writing up an accident report will always contain an element of uncertainty as to the true… Continue Reading →

Working through a Problem

Just when I thought life was starting to run smoothly once again, I get a panicky phone call from one of the organizers for the Senior Games saying that my partner has threatened to drop out. While I try to… Continue Reading →

Arguments For and Against

Now that the games of the 31st Olymiad are over, supporters and detractors are now weighing in on an argument as to where this concept goes from here. Many social activists and left-wing economists advocate a significantly more moderate style… Continue Reading →

The End of an Era

The other evening, on the way to lawn-bowling, I was listening to ESPN out of Seattle. What caught my attention was a story on the just announced retirement of Tim Duncan, star center for the San Antonio Spurs. As a… Continue Reading →

Quite the Week

There are some times in our lives when things come together to make abundant sense. These last five days have been one of those extraordinary times when what I have been striving to do in the way of building a… Continue Reading →

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