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Entering a New Era

The past six months have alerted me to a number of critical phenomena that are emerging in society. As our parents’ generation of war-timers seem to be passing away before our very eyes, the culture of yesterday seems to be… Continue Reading →

An Island of Forgetfulness

There are some places one goes to temporarily forget the pressures of the present in order to enjoy the pleasures of the past. Deep sleep might be one of those ‘lotus-eater’ spaces where forgetfulness might be the tonic the doctor… Continue Reading →

End of Life is Never Easy

This past couple of months have been very instructive for me when it comes to dealing with death once again. Like most Canadians, I am not immune from the fact that death or that transitory moment between this life and… Continue Reading →

A Moral Dilemma on the Job

In the short time I have been working as a grocery clerk, I have had my fair share of unusual circumstances: insufficient funds, weird purchases, strange confessions, and unexpected reunions, though nothing measures up to the one I am about… Continue Reading →

Death in the Family

This morning, at 1:30 AM, my mother passed away at the age of eighty-seven. Hers was a lingering death, what with declining health and growing discomfort. When I received the phone call from a family member, asking me to attend… Continue Reading →

The Death of a Stranger

This morning I woke up to sirens going off below our bedroom window. Not unusual given the fact that Gorge Road West is a major corridor for ambulances moving across the city. What I didn’t realize at the time, as… Continue Reading →

A Wonderful Online Concert

Normally, this time of the year we often attend the Carol Advent service at the Cathedral. Enjoyable as that has proven to be, I decided to do something different this year. Every year, Minnesota Public Radio, in conjunction with its… Continue Reading →

W. G. Seabald on War

I have recently become acquainted with the writings of the late Anglo-German writer W. G. Seabald. This particular set of essays about modern warfare is titled “The Natural Causes of Modern War”. In the main piece, Seabald, ever the consummate… Continue Reading →

Old Men Dreaml

Today I decided to pay my old friend Robin a visit. As an old politico and curmudgeon of these many years, he had something big he wanted to share with me, a vision, in other words, that only a man… Continue Reading →

The Evangelical House Divided

Don’t ever try to convince American evangelical leaders that they are irrelevant in this upcoming presidential election, even if a favorite son or daughter isn’t in the race, what with Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee being sidelined. A number of… Continue Reading →

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