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Things Are Looking Up

A few months back my wife and I faced a major decision when it came to facing major changes at our church. Firstly, the leadership, at this time, was looking at moving to a more contemporary style of worship music… Continue Reading →

Staying Put

Our church is going through some major changes these days, with some less easy to adjust to than others. For the close to seventy years I have been attending Sunday morning services, I have rarely found the style of worship… Continue Reading →

Life Behind the Wall

I have just returned from my bi-annual visit to a large correction centre in Washington State. As one of a team of thirty-five volunteers for Kairos Prison Ministries, I go in to work with a group of inmates who espouse… Continue Reading →

One Monstrously Fine Day

I have always tried to live by the motto that each day is to be lived to its fullest in order to appreciate its value. The Bible exhorts us to rejoice in the day the Lord has made regardless of… Continue Reading →

Knowing the Full Story

There is a guy in my lawn bowling club who is a definite mover and shaker. If something has to be done in terms of a work project, Rod’s the man to get it done. Woe to anyone who gets… Continue Reading →

Alec Ryrie’s “Protestants” – Lurching From One Crisis to the Next

The history of modern Protestantism presented here is one of moving in any number of directions in search of the ideal form of Christian worship and livelihood. Five hundred years of struggling to find that elusive religious identity that both… Continue Reading →

Change For The Better!

There are many of us who become somewhat suspicious or deeply troubled upon hearing yet another announcement that we should get used to the fact that life as we know it is about to change. What we were getting comfortable… Continue Reading →

Learning to Make Sense of Life

This past week has been yet another steep learning curve in my life where I have had to dig deep in order to make sense of a number of personal challenges coming my way, whether it be on the bowling… Continue Reading →

Forgiving the Unforgivable?

Once again, Canadians are facing the big impenetrable as they come to grips with the face of evil in their midst: an Armenian-Canadian has been charged with ten counts of 1st degree murder and 15 counts of attempted murder this… Continue Reading →

Oliver Potzsch’s “The Play of Death” – Murder Mystery Cast in the Depths of Time and Depravity

I recently discovered this author’s works while checking out a book display at my local library. As someone who likes both murder mysteries and historical novels, I find this particular story to be well-written, gripping, informative, historically accurate and, above… Continue Reading →

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