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Trump’s Big Gambit

So far, Trump has tried numerous strategies to bolster his mediocre national ratings as Potus. He has a certain person in mind when he talks tough on trade, tax reform, drug prices, travel bans and dreamers. Each time he’s curried… Continue Reading →

Revisiting My Past

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I had a chance to revisit our past in a very big way. Like the royal wedding in Windsor Castle earlier in the day, where the parade of the world’s elite on their way to… Continue Reading →

“Sami Blood” – Turning Your Back on the Past

I have just finished watching a very poignant Swedish film portraying the life of a young Laplander girl struggling to make it in society as a made-over Swede. Besides superb acting and beautiful scenic shots, this movie offers some very… Continue Reading →

Alana Mitchell’s “Spinning Magnet” – A World Upside Down

After reading this book on the seismic wonders of the earth’s magnetic field, I got to thinking, perhaps, that its continual shifting and re-orienting, in relation to the north and south poles, might help explain a number of current natural… Continue Reading →

Man vs. Dog

At the outset of this blog, you need to know that I like dogs, as a general rule, even though I have never owned one. Just needed to get that caveat out before I got going on this blog. For… Continue Reading →

Forgiving the Unforgivable?

Once again, Canadians are facing the big impenetrable as they come to grips with the face of evil in their midst: an Armenian-Canadian has been charged with ten counts of 1st degree murder and 15 counts of attempted murder this… Continue Reading →

Greg Dawson’s “Judgment Before Nuremberg”

As a prominent American journalist, Dawson undertook, over a decade ago, to research the Ukrainian Holocaust of 1941-43 out of a deep need to understand what a Jewish mother’s family had to endure as Nazi Germany attempted to destroy their… Continue Reading →

Max Boot’s “The Road Not Taken” – A Failed War Effort

I have finally found the definitive work that explains why the United States ultimately lost the Vietnam War. Seen through the prism of the extraordinary intervening actions of senior CIA operative Edward Lansdale during the 50s and 60s, this conflict… Continue Reading →

A Man Named Jim

Last Saturday afternoon, we received the sad and shocking news that my brother-in-law in Ireland had suddenly passed away at the age of seventy-one from what looks like a massive heart attack. Over the years, this dear man lived the… Continue Reading →

Oliver Potzsch’s “The Play of Death” – Murder Mystery Cast in the Depths of Time and Depravity

I recently discovered this author’s works while checking out a book display at my local library. As someone who likes both murder mysteries and historical novels, I find this particular story to be well-written, gripping, informative, historically accurate and, above… Continue Reading →

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