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Rethinking BC Liberal Politics

The last several days have become for many of us a time for serious, sober reflection as to where the BC Liberal Party goes over the next year or so as official opposition in the legislature. While such a pending… Continue Reading →

A Tribute to a Great Marriage

After thirty-nine years of marital bliss, I have to say it has been more than just an exciting ride that I naturally don’t want to end. It has become an incredibly important learning curve where both Belle and I are… Continue Reading →

Tipping Points in History

I am in the process of reading Professor Allison’s very fine study on the present state of global geopolitics titled “Destined for War”. In this very methodical examination of what is happening between the superpowers, Allison posits the idea that… Continue Reading →

Enlightening Moments that Change the Way We Live

There are special times in the day when something clicks, a light comes on, and you break into the fifth level that big bang theorists talk about when the building blocks of life come together. Already this week, we have… Continue Reading →

When Empathy Fails

Over the past few years I have ¬†made every effort to relate to the needs of others in the hope of becoming a more balanced individual: This big idea amounts to expecting less out life for myself while pouring more… Continue Reading →

Everything Machiavellian about the Woman

I have just completed reading Brian Harding’s “Not Even a God Can Save Us Now”, his latest analysis on the modern implications of Machiavellian thought. What I learned about the author of “The Prince” and “The Discourses” in this read… Continue Reading →

The Reality of Food Retail

I feel compelled to comment on Amazon’s proposed takeover of Whole Foods because of the considerable research I have recently invested in online and conventional grocery shopping. We may have reached a critical mass in brick-and-mortar grocery shopping where a… Continue Reading →

A Tragic Travesty

One of the reasons I have cancelled my TV sports package is that I can no longer endure the growing presence of extreme sports being showcased on the network, especially vicious activities like Mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting championships…. Continue Reading →

Staying in Your Lane

I am just finishing off Tom Nichols’ ¬†“The End of Expertise”, a very sharp-elbow critique on how we view those who really know as opposed to those who don’t know but claim they do. ¬†Unfortunately, it is that latter crowd… Continue Reading →

The Garden is Springing to Life

So far gardening in our own little allotment box is proving a great tonic. We are getting to see seed germinate, plants come to life, meet fellow gardeners, try new techniques, sample fruit, kick back and read or have a… Continue Reading →

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