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How The Mighty Have Fallen

All through this latest high school basketball season in the province, Oak Bay Breakers Sr. Boys were considered invincible; the team to beat because it was loaded with height, shooting, ball-handling skills and experience. Throughout the season, they lost only… Continue Reading →

Working Through Some Injuries

The last few weeks has been a time when I have learned that age is not only catching up on me but that nagging injuries are now revealing themselves more often. A case in point is that I am currently… Continue Reading →

Weighing in on Gun Control

Here is an issue that is truly politically divisive in the United States today. Surveys show that those on the political right are significantly more likely to support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms today than those on the… Continue Reading →

Movie Week Special

Every so often I get a notion to investigate the world of old movies to see what I’ve missed and is still worth watching in my advancing years. Helping me in this cultural pursuit this time around is the British… Continue Reading →

Let it Go

I am presently reading Peter Walsh’s book on how to downsize in an increasingly cluttered world as the older generation leaves more and more junk behind as part of an enduring but painful legacy. While I am onside with getting… Continue Reading →

The Political Propaganda of the Right

Though I see myself as a veritable rightwinger who espouses the individual right to pursue life, liberty and happiness based on hard work and less government, I am not blind to how this ideology can be dangerously misused by politicians… Continue Reading →

Status Quo Wins Out

I have decided to walk away from the BC Liberals simply because the majority of its membership, in a leadership vote last night, has decided to back a candidate that basically represents the old guard. Andrew Wilkenson, as the new… Continue Reading →

A Party at the Crossroads

I  make no bones about belonging to the BC Liberal Party. I have for years been a member only because it is a political organization that best represents what I stand for in regards to economic, social, and political values…. Continue Reading →

Crazy Week in Review

This past week has been a time of incredible zaniness to say the least: extreme weather, strange e-mails, odd encounters, and unique circumstances to say the least. If it wasn’t driving the Malahat without winter tires, then it was receiving… Continue Reading →

Revisiting a War

Ken Burns and Geoffrey Ward have written a visually compelling companion, coffee table book to the PBS series, “The Vietnam War”. For the past week I have been pouring over its written and pictorial account of that bloody conflict between… Continue Reading →

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