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The Reality of Food Retail

I feel compelled to comment on Amazon’s proposed takeover of Whole Foods because of the considerable research I have recently invested in online and conventional grocery shopping. We may have reached a critical mass in brick-and-mortar grocery shopping where a… Continue Reading →

A Tragic Travesty

One of the reasons I have cancelled my TV sports package is that I can no longer endure the growing presence of extreme sports being showcased on the network, especially vicious activities like Mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting championships…. Continue Reading →

Staying in Your Lane

I am just finishing off Tom Nichols’  “The End of Expertise”, a very sharp-elbow critique on how we view those who really know as opposed to those who don’t know but claim they do.  Unfortunately, it is that latter crowd… Continue Reading →

The Garden is Springing to Life

So far gardening in our own little allotment box is proving a great tonic. We are getting to see seed germinate, plants come to life, meet fellow gardeners, try new techniques, sample fruit, kick back and read or have a… Continue Reading →

Trying to Engineer a Victory

Elections at any level are challenging to win especially if your party is one trying to hold on to power. In the last two years I have been personally involved in two electoral contests as a campaign worker, one a… Continue Reading →

Responsibility Lies With The Party

I know of an elderly couple from Oregon who, after a chaotic six months of Trump in the White House, still see themselves as loyal Christian supporters or Trumpites. Technically, they would likely be part of the 32% base that still… Continue Reading →

We Have Become Allotment Gardeners

For three years now, Belle and I have had our names in for a plot at the local community garden. Be under no illusion that this allotment garden is just another amateurish effort to grow vegetables and fruit within one… Continue Reading →

Entering a New Era

The past six months have alerted me to a number of critical phenomena that are emerging in society. As our parents’ generation of war-timers seem to be passing away before our very eyes, the culture of yesterday seems to be… Continue Reading →

Still Lacking Clarity and Credibility After So Many Years

In the post-911 era, the United Nations, conceived originally in 1945 as a grand scheme and organization to ensure global peace and security, still struggles to remain relevant in its mission. While its founding principles remain undeniably noble, the UN… Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up

This past Thursday evening I decided to go out for a game of bowls at the club. I had to choose between staying home to follow the important Celtics-Cavs tilt or enjoy some physical exercise on the green. Given that… Continue Reading →

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