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Trying to Engineer a Victory

Elections at any level are challenging to win especially if your party is one trying to hold on to power. In the last two years I have been personally involved in two electoral contests as a campaign worker, one a… Continue Reading →

Responsibility Lies With The Party

I know of an elderly couple from Oregon who, after a chaotic six months of Trump in the White House, still see themselves as loyal Christian supporters or Trumpites. Technically, they would likely be part of the 32% base that still… Continue Reading →

The Future of a Government

It has been nearly two weeks since the BC provincial election as a final result has not been registered. Everything seems to hang on a judicial recount in Courtenay-Comox and 170k absentee votes. If the Liberals win the recount here,… Continue Reading →

A Devil Without Details

It is Sunday morning, and I am minutes away from going to church. For a few minutes of my precious time, I am listening to Trump’s speech to the Arab-Islamic Joint Summit in Riyadh while sipping on my morning java…. Continue Reading →

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I have followed and been involved in many elections during my life, but last night’s provincial election tops them all. It was a nail biter and cliffhanger right from the get-go. For once, the pollsters got it right: too close… Continue Reading →

Politics in a Nutshell

The past few weeks have been an eye-opener for me when it comes to assessing the intense, conflicting,  and often murky world of BC politics. For the first time in many provincial elections, I have received some unmistakable clarity as… Continue Reading →

When diplomacy fails

Though a very refined process that usually employs well-tested strategies and strives for realistic goals, the undertaking of international diplomacy is never guaranteed any measure of intermediate or ultimate success. In the geopolitical matrix, too much can go wrong when… Continue Reading →

A Return to the Fray

It has been almost four years since the last provincial election in BC and a lot has both changed and stayed the same on a number of key political and economic fronts. While the much vaunted natural gas plan promised… Continue Reading →

An Update on Trump

We are closing in on the first hundred days of the Trump administration, and what we have is the making of a brand new culture of political staging, the likes which have never been seen in Washington, DC, before. I… Continue Reading →

The Old August Club

Yesterday I attended a political function at the local Union Club in downtown Victoria. This old Victorian marble and granite edifice, right across from the Empress Hotel, built in the early 1870s at the time of Confederation, became the home-away-from-home… Continue Reading →

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