Politically Minded

Waiting Out a Scandal

There is a strategy out there for surviving political scandals that amounts to damage control. It usually comes in a variety of forms, all with one goal in mind: wait out the problem in the hope that it will be… Continue Reading →

The Life and Times of Geoffrey Chaucer

Here are ten things I learned about the eminent English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, from reading Paul Strohm’s “Chaucer’s Tale” that I didn’t get from reading the “Canterbury Tales” years ago: Chaucer lived during a very politically dangerous time in English… Continue Reading →

The Age of Political Post-Truth

About two months after the BC Legislature scandal broke, the public finally gets to see what the criminal allegations might actually be. In a 76 page report written by Daryl Places, the Speaker of the House, I counted over a… Continue Reading →

Making Sense of Brexit

This morning Brits awoke to the new political reality that now prevails across the kingdom: there is no easy path to leaving the European Union by March 29, 2019. For starters, the plan for a soft Brexit, or gradual withdrawal… Continue Reading →

The Whole Argument Turns On a Question

What many of us don’t realize in this modern era of social media is that Donald Trump is more than just a populist gasbag whose crazy talk far exceeds his capacity to produce results. What most people who don’t like… Continue Reading →

Life in Community-Part 1

It is surprising that many who live in community do not clearly understand the guidelines that govern its daily operations. For instance, if it is a condo strata, the rules or by-laws are formed, in conformity with existing state legislation,… Continue Reading →

Never Close

This latest BC electoral reform referendum was supposed to give voters the clear choice between the status quo and change. As one who campaigned vigorously for the ‘ No’ side, I really thought that democracy and First Pass the Post… Continue Reading →

Which Way to Turn?

We are living in times of potentially great cultural, economic and political paradigm shifts,  where baby boomers like  me give way to millennials, where fossil fuels are replaced by green energy, traditional churches are supplanted by less conventional forms of… Continue Reading →

Horgan vs. Wilkinson

Tonight was supposed to be the time when all my doubts about Proportional Representation (PR) were going to be resolved in a half hour television debate between Premier Horgan and Leader of the Opposition Andrew Wilkinson. What I got instead… Continue Reading →

“Sharkwater Extinction”

I went with Belle last night to watch Rob Stewart’s posthumous film on the plight of sharks the world over. “Sharkwater Extinction” is one of those signature documentaries that says a lot simply by telling a compelling story filled with… Continue Reading →

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