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When diplomacy fails

Though a very refined process that usually employs well-tested strategies and strives for realistic goals, the undertaking of international diplomacy is never guaranteed any measure of intermediate or ultimate success. In the geopolitical matrix, too much can go wrong when… Continue Reading →

A Return to the Fray

It has been almost four years since the last provincial election in BC and a lot has both changed and stayed the same on a number of key political and economic fronts. While the much vaunted natural gas plan promised… Continue Reading →

An Update on Trump

We are closing in on the first hundred days of the Trump administration, and what we have is the making of a brand new culture of political staging, the likes which have never been seen in Washington, DC, before. I… Continue Reading →

The Old August Club

Yesterday I attended a political function at the local Union Club in downtown Victoria. This old Victorian marble and granite edifice, right across from the Empress Hotel, built in the early 1870s at the time of Confederation, became the home-away-from-home… Continue Reading →

W. G. Seabald on War

I have recently become acquainted with the writings of the late Anglo-German writer W. G. Seabald. This particular set of essays about modern warfare is titled “The Natural Causes of Modern War”. In the main piece, Seabald, ever the consummate… Continue Reading →

Volker Ullrich’s “Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939” – Making Sense of a Tyrant

This very well-researched and clearly-defined biography on Hitler’s rise to power focuses on a step-by-step analysis of how he pulled it off against incredible odds. In this work Ullrich dedicates a lot of effort to portraying the man as an… Continue Reading →

Did the French Revolution result in revolutionary changes to society and politics?

The French Revolution describes a period of six years of of rapid and chaotic political change across the nation of France near the end of the eighteenth century. While certain ‘big’ events during this time, like the fall of the… Continue Reading →

The Unthinkable Has Happened

Tonight, a large enough bloc of American voters decided to support Donald Trump for president, resulting in him winning the all-important Electoral College vote and four years in the Oval Office. Though a conservative who would likely side with the… Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Trump

We are in the homestretch of the US presidential election and the end can’t come soon enough. This past couple of weeks, in the political media, have been devoted to an endless discussion on what will happen to Trump and… Continue Reading →

Electioneering, A Curious Sport

The time political systems devote to campaigns of various sorts become grand-scale opportunities for many of us to spout off about in an effort to be heard. Take, for example, the Canadian Green Party’s efforts to promote electoral reform. For… Continue Reading →

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