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Watch Your Step

Living in the big city has its many visible rewards as well as it many hidden perils.Too often we seek the former at the expense of overlooking the latter. Life, as a grand scale morality play, expects us to pay… Continue Reading →

Taking Chances

Yesterday I got a stern reminder that one’s health should never become a matter of last-minute risk taking. As I have explained in earlier blogs, I have a recent history of retinal tears and vitreal hemorrhaging which needs to be… Continue Reading →

A Metaphor for Life

There isn’t much in life that should surprise us anymore: earthquakes, tsunamis, market meltdowns, dementia, decrepitude, et cetera. We are all prepared for that moment when the car won’t start, or the Revenue Agency finally catches up with our questionable… Continue Reading →

A Toothpaste that Works

My last two checkups at the dentist have been cavity free. I owe this achievement to the fact that I am using Prevident toothpaste on a regular basis. It has a high concentration of fluoride and is about three times… Continue Reading →

Canada’s Blood Supply in Crisis Once Again

Word out today from the CBC is that Canada’s blood supply is at an all-time low. This is an important story for us because two members of our family depend on blood product to maintain a reasonably healthy life. It… Continue Reading →

Changing Dentists

We’ve been in Victoria for the past four years and we finally got around to making a critical decision about our oral health: we’ve decided to switch dentists in the interests of getting a better handle on managing our teeth…. Continue Reading →

Questionable Ethical Conduct?

A number of months back my wife complained to her dentist that she was experiencing some discomfort in her back teeth. At the time, she was told the problem was likely due to some old metal fillings that were reacting… Continue Reading →

The Rights of the Defenseless!

Clause: Any person under the age of eighteen (a minor), in the care of an adult (s), is entitled to whatever treatment deemed necessary by law to combat an infectious disease or a life-threatening disorder. No alternative forms of treatment… Continue Reading →

A Perspective on Health Issues In My Life

A good friend of mine died recently from a horrible condition: part of his intestine ceased to work due to lack of proper blood flow (ischemia), resulting in irreversible gangrene setting in. Larry had dozens of other health issues that… Continue Reading →

Atul Gawande’s “Being Mortal” – Making Informed Choices About Death

For those of us who periodically consider the growing prospects of our mortality, Gawande has written a very informative and sensitive little book on how to navigate these often deep and troubling waters when it comes to health issues. For… Continue Reading →

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