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Drive Defensively!

The past few weeks have been scary times for drivers in the Greater Victoria area. There isn’t a day goes by when one doesn’t hear of a nasty road accident somewhere nearby: rollovers, collisions, road rage, running a red light,… Continue Reading →

A Turning Point in Politics?

This is proving to be a very exhilarating year politically as established parties, right across the globe, are striving to redefine themselves as the true representatives of either the Left or Right. Gone is the myth that the place of… Continue Reading →

Some Things About Life I Learned this Past Week

For someone my age, the learning curve should be levelling off; that is, the more one knows, the less one has to learn. Quantifying knowledge should reach a critical mass where the mind slows down in terms of what it… Continue Reading →

Staying in Your Lane

I am just finishing off Tom Nichols’  “The End of Expertise”, a very sharp-elbow critique on how we view those who really know as opposed to those who don’t know but claim they do.  Unfortunately, it is that latter crowd… Continue Reading →

A Return to the Fray

It has been almost four years since the last provincial election in BC and a lot has both changed and stayed the same on a number of key political and economic fronts. While the much vaunted natural gas plan promised… Continue Reading →

4011 – Bananas (Chapter 2)

In the last chapter, I left my reader with the impression that I was gradually becoming enamored with the prospects of becoming an enlightened shopper/consumer who has finally grasped the importance of participating in the weekly shopping for groceries. Much of… Continue Reading →

A Day at the Fair

Yesterday was the sixtth Labor Day we’ve spent here in the Greater Victoria area. Of those six, we have clear memories of spending four of those somewhere outside doing a recreational activity such cycling, hiking or visiting the fair. Yesterday… Continue Reading →

Exploding a Myth

A large part of my education these days is challenging old myths that still persist in my life. Like Eric Weiner in “The Geography of Genius”,  I must learn to chuck my prepossessing notion of genius and admit that for many… Continue Reading →

Tent City Stays – Helping the Homeless

When we moved to Victoria five years ago, we knew that it was a very popular place to live, considering prime location and mild climate. We also knew, from previous stays, that the Emerald City attracted a lot of transient… Continue Reading →

Watch Your Step

Living in the big city has its many visible rewards as well as it many hidden perils.Too often we seek the former at the expense of overlooking the latter. Life, as a grand scale morality play, expects us to pay… Continue Reading →

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