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Movie Week Special

Every so often I get a notion to investigate the world of old movies to see what I’ve missed and is still worth watching in my advancing years. Helping me in this cultural pursuit this time around is the British… Continue Reading →

“Legend” – Down in the Sewers of East London

I have just finished watching the explosive biopic of one of Britain’s most violent criminal families of all times, the Kray Twins. Reggie and Ronnie Kray, from the East-side of London in the 1930s, formed a most brutal criminal gang… Continue Reading →

Three Very intriguing Documentaries

There have been a number of seminal internet programs that have come along in the last several years to enhance my understanding of the world around me. One, Coursera, which is an international alliance of prominent universities that offer free… Continue Reading →

“The Force Awakes” – The Limits of a Human Myth

Over the last thirty-five years we have been treated to a fascinating film series about an imaginary galaxy  that supports human life in all its intrigue and grandeur. “Star Wars”, since 1980, continues to provide its viewers and followers with a complex and… Continue Reading →

“Force Majeure” – Don’t Watch this with a Spouse

What could be possibly wrong with the setting and cast of this movie: the model family, the perfect getaway, and an idyllic place. After watching Ostlund’s “Force Majeure”, you might think again. In this production nothing is what it seems… Continue Reading →

“Timbuktu” – Life in a Jihadi Hell

I liked this movie for what it tells me about the human spirit standing up to tyranny in its most brutal form: the religious fanaticism and intolerance of ISIS operating in the tiny desert state of eastern Mali. The filmmaker… Continue Reading →

“The Centenarian Who Climbed out of a Window” – A Delicious Sense of Unbridled Freedom and Mischievous Fun Swedish Style

I highly recommend this movie for anyone who suffers from underestimating the power of the elderly to handle themselves in difficult situations. Sure, it is just a comedy meant to get a lot of laughs about the antics of a… Continue Reading →

Last Word on “Breaking Bad”

This has to be one of the most dramatic and enthralling television series I have ever watched: there is so much human conflict and intrigue going on in this epic tale of the American family under attack from the forces… Continue Reading →

“The Man Who Wasn’t There” – Another Great Film Noir by the Coen Bros.

When watching a classical movie, I usually like to get drawn into the life of the main characters as they struggle with major issues, often the result of their own making. It is on this existential plane that I get… Continue Reading →

“Draft Day” – The Backroom Machinations of Professional Football

I find it more than curious that Kevin Costner is still hanging around making and starring in movies that deal with big picture themes like ballparks that magically appear in the middle of a cornfield or a futuristic kingdom floating… Continue Reading →

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