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The Death of a Stranger

This morning I woke up to sirens going off below our bedroom window. Not unusual given the fact that Gorge Road West is a major corridor for ambulances moving across the city. What I didn’t realize at the time, as… Continue Reading →

Every Community Needs One

Over the past two years our community garden has flourished. It has become a place to plant, to water, to arrange, to sample, to reap, to meet, to relax, and to meet friends and strangers. It has become so popular… Continue Reading →

An Idyllic Isle of Sorts

This past week Belle and I took off up island to visit another one of those smaller but very charming Gulf Islands that seem to forever attract outsiders because of their close proximity. This time it was Quadra, just ten… Continue Reading →

Predictable Trends?

I can’t help but notice how fixated we have become on societal trends these past few years. We are looking to see where events are perhaps taking us in an ever-changing world. Forecasting the future, like the weather, allows us… Continue Reading →

Exploding a Myth

A large part of my education these days is challenging old myths that still persist in my life. Like Eric Weiner in “The Geography of Genius”,  I must learn to chuck my prepossessing notion of genius and admit that for many… Continue Reading →

Well Kept Secrets

In the course of two weeks  in Bermuda, we have discovered what looks like at least ten sweet spots on the island that are less traveled or visited. They are: a slightly concealed defile down through the cliffs of the… Continue Reading →

Tension in Paradise

Don’t think for one moment that there isn’t another side to paradise as we know it here on earth. Yes, things may seem to be as good as they will get because the setting seems perfect, the climate mild most… Continue Reading →

The Crazy Wonders of Science

The other day I came across a fascinating piece on a potential breakthrough in the world of microbiology. A scientific lab in San Francisco has isolated a unicellular microbe that lives off methane gas and, when mass produced, could possibly… Continue Reading →

Paris and the Uncertain Green Agenda

Every four years or so, the nations of the world get together to see if they can make headway in their attempt to get a handle on global warming. In advance of the Paris meeting this past week, all of… Continue Reading →

An Important Purchase

My wife and I have our one big annual purchase for the condo. We are replacing the main blinds in the living-room and installing a special sliding screen for the skylight in the kitchen. The new technology is the honeycomb… Continue Reading →

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