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The End of a Practice

I recently read in the local paper that the BC Ministry of Education is fazing out provincial exams as an unnecessary part of the new student-centered curriculum. As a teacher who was both involved in helping to set this evaluative… Continue Reading →

Learning About the Bard

If you ever have chance to take an online course from the University of Warwick on Shakespearean theatre, do so. This free eleven-week course with Professor Bates of the Stratford Royal Trust offers some very brilliant insights into the life… Continue Reading →

What is my best advice on wisdom?

If wisdom is the ability to exercise sound judgment as to what works and doesn’t work in life, most of us would come up short more times than not, simply because it is impossible to get it right fifty percent… Continue Reading →

A Blueprint for Reforming Democracy

I have often wondered how a national state, like Canada, operating on democratic principles, might better serve the common and disparate interests of its many members. Since I am not a person to throw the baby out with the bath… Continue Reading →

Critique of the Modern State – Part 3, Equality vs. Freedom

A. The Tension of State vs.Individual The future of the modern state depends on its continuing ability to protect its members from harm and danger while ensuring each of them the right to pursue their own ideals of happiness. The… Continue Reading →

Critique of the Modern State – Part 1, Hobbes vs. Mills

(a) Hobbes’ State of Nature Dilemma The State is the legal and political structure by which a nation is governed through the nurturing and protection of individual rights and responsibilities for the common good or happiness of all. Thomas Hobbes,… Continue Reading →

Accident on Reynolds

It was bound to happen what with the number of years we’ve lived here in the big city of Victoria and the fact that I am driving around more these days. Yes, I have had my first car accident in… Continue Reading →

Learning About Middle-East Politics and Governance

As one of fourteen million courserians the world over, I take these free courses in the interest of enlarging my understanding of the real world, that is the environment that can be verified by a collaboration of our senses, rational… Continue Reading →

What did the philospher Kierkegaard find appealing about Socrates and how did their common views impact modern society?

One sticks one’s finger into the soil to tell by the smell in what land one is. I stick my finger in existence – it smells of nothing. Where am I? How came I here? What is this thing called… Continue Reading →

Professor on the Green

I met a very engagingly friendly and chatty individual the other day while out lawn bowling between our club AGM and the annual start-up banquet. While bowling with this rather tall, balding professorial-looking man, I learned that looks, in his… Continue Reading →

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