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A Critique of Big Picture History

Big picture history is really a scientific-based narrative for us to use in determining how and where humans fit into the greater scheme of matter ‘evolving’ over time. Its main conclusion that the universe is a transitory phenomenon is based on a couple of key scientific criteria that… Continue Reading →

Still Lacking Clarity and Credibility After So Many Years

In the post-911 era, the United Nations, conceived originally in 1945 as a grand scheme and organization to ensure global peace and security, still struggles to remain relevant in its mission. While its founding principles remain undeniably noble, the UN… Continue Reading →

When diplomacy fails

Though a very refined process that usually employs well-tested strategies and strives for realistic goals, the undertaking of international diplomacy is never guaranteed any measure of intermediate or ultimate success. In the geopolitical matrix, too much can go wrong when… Continue Reading →

On the Job – Part 3

I am now in the fourth week of my job experiment, and I would be lying if I said it was a cakewalk. What really is happening is that I am learning to adjust my life to some new constraints… Continue Reading →

On the Job – Part 1

For the past five days I have been fitting mysel back into the workforce; this time as a lowly grocery clerk for a major food retail outlet in the city. At sixty-four I need to get more focused in my… Continue Reading →

Brushing up for an Exam

Next week I write, for the sixth year straight, the annual national basketball officials exam. Though I have no interest in officiating at the higher levels of the game – my age being the big prohibitive factor here – I… Continue Reading →

Did the French Revolution result in revolutionary changes to society and politics?

The French Revolution describes a period of six years of of rapid and chaotic political change across the nation of France near the end of the eighteenth century. While certain ‘big’ events during this time, like the fall of the… Continue Reading →

A Tribute to a Good Teacher

Over fifty years ago, I was privileged to have Doug as my first high school English teacher. I was one of those students who liked to read novels and discuss things in the news but was still struggling to get… Continue Reading →

The End of a Practice

I recently read in the local paper that the BC Ministry of Education is fazing out provincial exams as an unnecessary part of the new student-centered curriculum. As a teacher who was both involved in helping to set this evaluative… Continue Reading →

Learning About the Bard

If you ever have chance to take an online course from the University of Warwick on Shakespearean theatre, do so. This free eleven-week course with Professor Bates of the Stratford Royal Trust offers some very brilliant insights into the life… Continue Reading →

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