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NCR and the Future of Shopping

I recently met someone who works for National Cash Register as a service rep. During our time together, we got around to chatting about the future of traditional cash registers and ATMs in our consumer world. As one who spent… Continue Reading →

An Update on Trump

We are closing in on the first hundred days of the Trump administration, and what we have is the making of a brand new culture of political staging, the likes which have never been seen in Washington, DC, before. I… Continue Reading →

4011 – Bananas (Chapter 2)

In the last chapter, I left my reader with the impression that I was gradually becoming enamored with the prospects of becoming an enlightened shopper/consumer who has finally grasped the importance of participating in the weekly shopping for groceries. Much of… Continue Reading →

4011 – Bananas! (Chapter 1)

What first got me interested in the world of grocery shopping a few years back was the sudden desire to discover what seemed to regularly excite my spouse. We were becoming empty-nesters, with retirement around the corner, and in serious… Continue Reading →

Last Day on the Job

A lot has happened since my last blog about life at the till at a local grocery story. As you can well imagine, the last three weeks have produced some very unexpected turns of events. All of a sudden, I… Continue Reading →

On the Job – Part 5

I have now completed five weeks of work and here is what I have learned so far. One, the capacity to learn to work through little problems at the till, which can be many, in the course of an eight-hour… Continue Reading →

On the Job – Part 3

I am now in the fourth week of my job experiment, and I would be lying if I said it was a cakewalk. What really is happening is that I am learning to adjust my life to some new constraints… Continue Reading →

The Trouble with a Thin Skin

We have, at various times in our lives, the capacity to be a little narcissistic when it comes to handling interpersonal relations. Somebody gets on the wrong side of us and we tend to hold a short or long-term grudge… Continue Reading →

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

It has been months since the Brexit Vote and many of us have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, namely the implementation of the actual process for withdrawal from the EU. There is a pall of apprehension that… Continue Reading →

Food Security and Small Towns

We lived for nearly thirty-six years in a northern community along a major east-west highway. The main industries were logging, farming, public services and mining. When we departed for good at the end of June 2011, we could already see… Continue Reading →

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