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Swinging the Cudgel

While I have never been a fan of Donald Trump and his outsized politics, I do sympathize with his views on what he sees as the scourge of modern society: political correctness. It seems to me that one cannot say… Continue Reading →

The Big Gamble

There is a political philosophy out there that subscribes to the view that the lack of economic growth in tough times responds best to stimulus spending as a way to jumpstart a national economy. The school of economic erudition championing… Continue Reading →

Syria, a Losing Proposition?

Until now, world diplomats and internationalists have prided themselves in being able to inevitably settle any global dispute with a little extra effort to rectify the issues as they pertain to all parties in┬áthe conflict. Last night, before I turned… Continue Reading →

Paris and the Uncertain Green Agenda

Every four years or so, the nations of the world get together to see if they can make headway in their attempt to get a handle on global warming. In advance of the Paris meeting this past week, all of… Continue Reading →

Falmy’s Release – Political Opportunism vs Timely Diplomacy

By time I got around to writing this blog, Mohammed Falmy, the Canadian-Egyptian journalist, imprisoned in a Cairo prison, is not only free but on his way home to Canada. Here is a man who has attracted a lot of… Continue Reading →

Internet Radio: a Window on the World

I have just received an internet radio to try out. It is a piece of digital technology that allows me to tie into thousands of radio stations around the globe through Wi-Fi. Talk about a game changer in my life…. Continue Reading →

The Dangerous Game of Subjective Criticism

Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern of the Clinton years, gave a TED talk today in Vancouver. The theme of her 18 minute speech was to remind her audience that the time has come to rethink the individual’s right… Continue Reading →

In Defense of Bibi’s Trip to Washington

Netanyahu, Israel’s conservative prime minister, made a recent trip to Washington, DC, to speak to Congress about the dangerous prospects of a nuclear disarmament agreement between the world’s leading powers and Iran. According to this very adept politician who lives… Continue Reading →

A New Reality in Europe

I recently took an extensive course on the future of the European Union through Ecole des Hautes Etudes out of Paris. During this ten-week online course, I was treated to a very optimistic view of where academics-for-hire thought this very… Continue Reading →

What to do about Donald Sterling?

The guy is an out-and-out racist which, while morally wrong, does not break any state or federal laws unless it can be shown that it is connected to the commission of hate crime. The fact that Sterling told his girlfriend… Continue Reading →

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