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How Democracies Die

If democracy is the political process by which people get to participate in choosing who governs them, then all should work out for the best. The majority or plurality of votes in favor of one candidate versus another, for public… Continue Reading →

Making Sense of Brexit

This morning Brits awoke to the new political reality that now prevails across the kingdom: there is no easy path to leaving the European Union by March 29, 2019. For starters, the plan for a soft Brexit, or gradual withdrawal… Continue Reading →

Weighing in on Gun Control

Here is an issue that is truly politically divisive in the United States today. Surveys show that those on the political right are significantly more likely to support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms today than those on the… Continue Reading →

A Week in the Life of a Follower of the News

It  is plain to see that we are increasingly living in a world that seems to defy patterns on a regular basis, whether it be the weather, politics, the economy, public projects, housing prices, sports, or even the internet. Nothing,… Continue Reading →

Another Failure to Act?

This is a time when public morality and political accountability have conveniently gone silent in western democracies. The forces of the Left and Right have basically thrown in the towel as to who needs to clean up the glaring messes… Continue Reading →

An Afternoon to Remember

This past Tuesday, I did something I have never done before: attend a memorial service for someone I never knew personally. Reena Virk was a happy-go-lucky school girl of Indo-Canadian birth who was murdered twenty years ago on the Gorge… Continue Reading →

Tipping Points in History

I am in the process of reading Professor Allison’s very fine study on the present state of global geopolitics titled “Destined for War”. In this very methodical examination of what is happening between the superpowers, Allison posits the idea that… Continue Reading →

“Knock on the Door” – Honoring the Truth

I recently read the abridged version of the “Truth and Reconciliation Report” on the tragic circumstances surrounding the Residential School era in the 19th and 20th centuries. This handy guide highlights some of the anecdotal evidence given by First Nations… Continue Reading →

Lots of Grist for the Old Mill

The US presidential election has just shifted up to Mach 3 with the two main contenders and sworn political foes deciding to go into full attack mode. The battle lines are drawn and from now to November the media will… Continue Reading →

The Power of Being Truly Free

This morning I listened to a very thought-provoking discussion on Tom Ashbrook’s “On Point” about how to deal with phistspearing or the act of pirating of personal files on the Internet. While somewhat aware of the problem where offshore hackers… Continue Reading →

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