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An Afternoon to Remember

This past Tuesday, I did something I have never done before: attend a memorial service for someone I never knew personally. Reena Virk was a happy-go-lucky school girl of Indo-Canadian birth who was murdered twenty years ago on the Gorge… Continue Reading →

Tipping Points in History

I am in the process of reading Professor Allison’s very fine study on the present state of global geopolitics titled “Destined for War”. In this very methodical examination of what is happening between the superpowers, Allison posits the idea that… Continue Reading →

“Knock on the Door” – Honoring the Truth

I recently read the abridged version of the “Truth and Reconciliation Report” on the tragic circumstances surrounding the Residential School era in the 19th and 20th centuries. This handy guide highlights some of the anecdotal evidence given by First Nations… Continue Reading →

Lots of Grist for the Old Mill

The US presidential election has just shifted up to Mach 3 with the two main contenders and sworn political foes deciding to go into full attack mode. The battle lines are drawn and from now to November the media will… Continue Reading →

The Power of Being Truly Free

This morning I listened to a very thought-provoking discussion on Tom Ashbrook’s “On Point” about how to deal with phistspearing or the act of pirating of personal files on the Internet. While somewhat aware of the problem where offshore hackers… Continue Reading →

Another Take on Trumpism

As Americans move through the silly season of politics, a couple of major issues remain to be decided before the real campaign starts. One, are the Democrats interested as a party to move substantially to the Left to court young… Continue Reading →

Swinging the Cudgel

While I have never been a fan of Donald Trump and his outsized politics, I do sympathize with his views on what he sees as the scourge of modern society: political correctness. It seems to me that one cannot say… Continue Reading →

The Big Gamble

There is a political philosophy out there that subscribes to the view that the lack of economic growth in tough times responds best to stimulus spending as a way to jumpstart a national economy. The school of economic erudition championing… Continue Reading →

Syria, a Losing Proposition?

Until now, world diplomats and internationalists have prided themselves in being able to inevitably settle any global dispute with a little extra effort to rectify the issues as they pertain to all parties in┬áthe conflict. Last night, before I turned… Continue Reading →

Paris and the Uncertain Green Agenda

Every four years or so, the nations of the world get together to see if they can make headway in their attempt to get a handle on global warming. In advance of the Paris meeting this past week, all of… Continue Reading →

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