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Nixon and Trump

I am currently reading John Farrell’s definitive study on the life of Richard Milhous Nixon and finding some eery comparisons to that of Donald James Trump, his most recent successor in the White House. What these two American commanders-in-chief have… Continue Reading →

Trevor Noah’s “Born a Crime” – Learning How to Put the Best Gloss on Life

Recently I watched Wendy Messely of the CBC interview Trevor Noah, moderator of the Daily Show, on the new release of his autobiography. Referring to parts of the book where he was constantly grappling with his identity as a ‘colored’… Continue Reading →

The Story Behind a Sinking

It has been over ten years since the Queen of the North sank off the BC north coast in March 2006 near Hartley Bay. During this time, BC Ferries has fired ten personnel including the captain, and seen the fourth… Continue Reading →

It Was Ever Thus

The other night, after an intensive game of bowls at the club, I came home to relax, check out my e-mails, and read. Before too long, I was deep into reconnecting with an old friend from a former life who… Continue Reading →

Volker Ullrich’s “Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939” – Making Sense of a Tyrant

This very well-researched and clearly-defined biography on Hitler’s rise to power focuses on a step-by-step analysis of how he pulled it off against incredible odds. In this work Ullrich dedicates a lot of effort to portraying the man as an… Continue Reading →

The Need to be Fair

I am regularly looking for information that I can trust in order to appraise a situation effectively. Recently, I have encountered four situations where my ability to accurately judge a situation has been greatly impaired by a lack of good… Continue Reading →

Oscar Martinez’s “History of Violence” – A Very Graphic Picture of Political Anarchy

I can’t say I enjoyed this book on current Central American life, mainly because it seemed to fixate on the violence end of things. According to Martinez, there are several serious Narco states in this region that are so consumed… Continue Reading →

The Great Uncertainties of Outcomes

I am just finishing off Cyril Connolly’s “Enemies of Promise” and finding his grand view of life, looking back, both useful and unsettling. In his short study on the brevity of life, “The Unquiet Grave”, Connolly, ever the skilled art… Continue Reading →

“Knock on the Door” – Honoring the Truth

I recently read the abridged version of the “Truth and Reconciliation Report” on the tragic circumstances surrounding the Residential School era in the 19th and 20th centuries. This handy guide highlights some of the anecdotal evidence given by First Nations… Continue Reading →

Robert Paxton’s “Anatomy of Fascism” – A Study of Unpacking a Complex Term

Like a lot of things in life first takes or impressions can always be dangerous if one does not take time to examine its origins and implications. Paxton, in this study on one of the political bugbears of history –… Continue Reading →

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