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Robert Paxton’s “Anatomy of Fascism” – A Study of Unpacking a Complex Term

Like a lot of things in life first takes or impressions can always be dangerous if one does not take time to examine its origins and implications. Paxton, in this study on one of the political bugbears of history –… Continue Reading →

The Truth is Found in a More Complete Story

I used to listen to Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” with relish. The tales he told were loaded with little known details that were intriguing and sometimes scintilatting. ┬áHe had such a delightful way of winkling out and… Continue Reading →

Andrew Lownie’s “Stalin’s Englishman” – Charm the Very Pants Off You

Talk about being a natural charmer in a world that was fast growing dull from its lack of charm. No wonder dozens of influential toffs of the day, in high circles, took a shine to Guy Burgess, just another Cambridge… Continue Reading →

Kurt Vonnegut’s “Deadeye Dick” – A Satire on a Society Seriously Run Amok

Anyone who reads Vonnegut regularly must know that black or gallows humor is his specialty. Nothing sacred or off-limits in this novel. As satires go, Vonnegut can deliver some very wicked blows against the cultural bastions of society when it… Continue Reading →

Ferguson on Kissinger

Henry Kissinger has always been one of those enigmatic people in modern times who defies being categorized as this or that or anything in between. What many of us tend to do when we don’t understand the chameleon features of… Continue Reading →

Andrew Cohen’s “Two Days in June” – A Serious Change in Direction?

Until now, I have struggled to make sense of the all-too-brief Kennedy administration of the early sixties. Cohen does a credible job in getting me focused in divining where President Kennedy was possibly heading in setting his legacy. As one… Continue Reading →

H. W. Brands’ “Reagan: the Life” – A Big Picture Idea of Freedom

If ever an American president came close to being all things to all people, Ronald Reagan was it. Brands’ extensive biography of the 41st president is a very impressive review of what drove or motivated this man to do what… Continue Reading →

Changing the Face of this Website

For the many of you who have followed this website for the past nine years, 2016 should see a major overhaul of its format with regards to content, style, and physical looks. First off, I will be getting rid of… Continue Reading →

Chris Tsiolkas’ “The Slap” – Welcome to a Dysfunctional Aussie Family

What could be more enjoyable than a good old-fashioned BBQ with extended family members in the backyard of some modern Australian suburb? Well, this author has news for you. Such effusively warm and friendly family gatherings often come with one… Continue Reading →

Lisa St. Aubin de Teran’s “Mozambique Mysteries” – Discovering the Essence of Life in Living

I will never likely ever visit Mozambique and the southeast African coast, but in the space of three hundred pages or so, Lisa St. Aubin de Teran has taken me there for an extensive sojourn in a land full of… Continue Reading →

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