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Getting the Monkey off My Back

August 24th, 2014
This past week I must have rolled over eight hundred bowls over five miles of grass as I played in ten games or twenty hours of head-to-head competition. During that time - mostly in the evenings - I won more than half my games, was part of the club pai… more »

The O'Bannon Case: Finally, the Promise of a Level-Playing Field

August 13th, 2014
Listened to Doug Deford yesterday on NPR once again provide his normal savvy commentary on the world of sports, professional and otherwise. As a sports aficionado and commentator extraordinaire, Deford on this particular day was waxing eloquent on the l… more »

The Dalton Deal: Too Much for Too Little

August 4th, 2014
According to Grantland(Bill Simmons' sports analysis firm), the Cincinnati Bengals of the AFC have paid a ludicrously high amount to retain the services of Andrew Dalton, their star quarterback. While statistics might show that Dalton has big enough num… more »

George and His Bowls

August 4th, 2014
The other day, Belle and I visited George and Jill in the suburbs of Maple Ridge, BC. The afternoon was boiling hot and we had just got off the ferry on our way to attend the wedding of our second son the next day. In between was an errand I had been lo… more »

The LeBron Stakes: A Shameless Attempt at Media Manipulation?

July 11th, 2014
According to Barry Delay of Global Sports, King James has 'regifted' himself by deciding to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in search of a couple of more NBA championships. His much anticipated move has odd-makers making the Cavs the better-than-even… more »

A Day Full of Surprises

July 5th, 2014
I headed out early this morning with the idea of participating in the Friday morning men's open lawn bowling at the Juan de Fuca club and checking out Vincent Mai's bowl display with the idea of possibly purchasing some new bowls. What happened instead… more »

The Dodgers Are Quietly Coming On!

July 1st, 2014
I know, by the fact that I am spending more time outdoors, that this summer and not the time to be lying back in my easy-chair watching TSN, ESPN, and Sportsnet and everything the sporting world wants to throw at me. No, I am into other things such as b… more »

Staying Around to Count

June 27th, 2014
I am presently reading Will Fowler's "The Commandos at Dieppe". In this short history of the controversial and disastrous Allied attack on the coastal town of Dieppe, the author looks at how a motley group of well-trained, single-minded commandos succes… more »

A New Strategy for the Game

June 27th, 2014
I am well under way with my new strategy for improving my lawn-bowling game. It entails an hour a day of practice for five days a week. What got me on to this plan was a comment that the skip from the Gordon Head club made me in private after their team… more »

Great Morning on the Rink

June 21st, 2014
With my bum foot taking longer to heal than I would like, lawn bowling is the game I find most rewarding these days. I bowl on average four times a week and now in my second year I find that the game is starting to make sense. Line, weight and extension… more »
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