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The Myth and Reality of Power!

April 17th, 2014
This past week I was introduced to a person in the Ministry of Social Services who has the impressive title of Public Trustee. His job is to oversee the administration of personal finances of people who have been deemed incapable of looking after themse… more »

Clearing Up Some Health Concerns!

April 16th, 2014
At sixty-two I have become more aware of life's little aches and pains than ever before. Instead of running to the doctor for treatment or just putting up with the condition, I have taken to doing some homeopathic doctoring myself. On the matter of the… more »

A Very Disconnected World

April 7th, 2014
We are living in an increasingly disconnected world where fiction often trumps fact when it comes to dealing with public issues. Far too many of us come at problems like how the state deals with the elderly with one-way arguments based on limited experi… more »

Public Debates on the Ethics of Acceptable Healthcare!

April 4th, 2014
In the last twenty-four hours I have learned of two very different cases in which the very core of medical ethicality is being challenged. In the first case, an elderly couple here in Victoria have been detained under a section of the Mental Health Act… more »

Shedding the Pounds!

March 27th, 2014
I have started on my regular spring weight-loss program to shed up to twenty pounds in readiness for the summer months. To meet that goal, I am introducing, with the help of my wife, a new meal regimen: small servings, more vegetables, significantly les… more »

Should employers pay for benefits that go against their moral values?

March 25th, 2014
In the United States today there are groups that are still holding out against the full implementation of Obamacare which expects as of April 1 that all employers will have their employees fully registered on a medical insurance plan that provides for v… more »

Theodore Dalrymple on Addiction - Blaming the User, Not the Substance

March 23rd, 2014
Conservative activist Theodore Dalrymple, in a recent op-ed piece for British newspapers, made the bold suggestion that drug addiction is a problem that lies well within the power of the user to stop. To use his words, persistance, not fate, are at the… more »

How to Handle Psychopathic Behaviour

March 2nd, 2014
Psychopathy is the mental state in which the person lacks the ability to feel compassion or empathy for others. As a personality disorder, it manifests many different faces: cruelty, callous behaviour, sadism, insensitivity, narcissism, pathological lyi… more »

A Loss of Freedom Here in the City

February 26th, 2014
Being unable to get about is a double-whammy for many elderly in society today. One, they are limited in their physical movement and, two, they are often denied the freedom to choose where they can go on a whim. Mobility has it rewards that most of us m… more »

Icelanders Not Taking Their Meds!

February 9th, 2014
If you want to experience a culture that is so hard to predict in terms of conservative versus liberal values, try Iceland. Put simply, Icelanders, from my limited perspective, defy any opportunity to stereotype their cultural mores. For every attempt t… more »
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