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Two Great Articles from "The Wired" - Carbon Capturing and Bitcoins

May 21st, 2014
I picked up the March issue of "The Wired" recently and treated myself to a couple of very intellectually stimulating articles on big issues confronting modern society. One dealt with the ever-controversial subject of the use of coal as an industrial so… more »

The New Reality is Sinking In!

May 13th, 2014
A recent study coming out of one Canada's leading banks says that the job recovery for both the US and Canada is potentially overstated. One of the key findings suggests that statistically the jobs that are now being created to replace lost back in 2008… more »

Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys" - Wall Street at Its Underhanded Worst

May 5th, 2014
Lewis is one of those key writers that does a brilliant job in opening up and explaining a subject to his readership. All the books I have read of his have taken me into the murky world of finance and business in a very creative and instructive way. Wha… more »

Thomas Piketty's Solution for Economic Malaise as found in "Capital in the 21st Century"

May 3rd, 2014
I am in the process of picking up a copy of this supposedly seminal book on the future of capitalism going forward. From the reviews I have read so far - Krugman's and Mason's - the picture Piketty presents is not a pretty one. His data tell him that ec… more »

A National Oil Fund: Wrong Model, Wrong Time

April 13th, 2014
I get annoyed when the CBC continually brings up the case of the very lucrative Norwegian oil fund as a model for building national prosperity. Yes, Norway, under a socialist government back in the seventies, acted prudently in appropriating 50% of all… more »

The Royal Mail in Free Fall

April 2nd, 2014
I am not surprised to learn that the Royal Mail is going through another significant make-over in an effort to keep it functioning. The latest transformation comes with the Cameron government trying to dump a whack of its majority shares in this private… more »

A Crisis in Doctoring!

March 23rd, 2014
An article in today's Guardian newspaper, on the state of doctoring in the United Kingdom, suggests that the profession is in a deepening crisis as to its growing inability to continue providing front-line services. It comes down to this: an increasing… more »

A Pretty Safe Bet!

March 18th, 2014
According to the Slate, Buffett's latest venture into the public domain to invest is nothing less than than a typical Warren stroke of genius. Hooking up with Quicken Loans, one of the companies he is heavily invested in, Buffett has offered to give one… more »

Depreciation Reports Have Weight

March 14th, 2014
In yesterday's news there was a story about a rash of new leaky condos appearing in the BC Lower Mainland. This situation, according to the report, stems from older condos that predate the 1990s when the problem of dry rot and mold inside the outer wall… more »

The Ladder from the Bottom

March 11th, 2014
We live in an economic world that has become increasingly fixated on protecting the bottom-line. This means that companies and businesses have become more committed than ever to get more out of their workers for the same or less pay. more »
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