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David Edmond and John Eidinow's Rousseau's Dog" - Up Against an Intractable Mind

January 17th, 2012
This study on the briefly entwined lives of two of the Enlightenment's more notable philosophers, David Hume and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, is fascinating and controversial. On the first level, the reader is introduced to the intriguing world of intellectua… more »

That Belying Confidence!

January 17th, 2012
I rather suspect that even with a credit downgrade, French President Sarkozy's confidence about the French economy lies in the fact that he knows that the Eurozone offshore banking interests, with their trllions, will continue buying up all kinds of sov… more »

Stay with the True and Tried Regardless How Trying!

January 17th, 2012
My wife recently went looking on the web for a good rate of return for a GIC in our TFSAs, and the best she could get was one for 18 mos. at 1.85% with some obscure credit union in another town. If you follow the CBC's advice, you might find your way to… more »

The Hard Reality!

January 17th, 2012
Canada's premiers are meeting in Victoria this week to see if they can come up with a new funding formula to present Ottawa in response to its latest edict on future health care spending. The problem here is that there are two major options on the table… more »
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