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The Owner's in the Driver's Seat!

July 22nd, 2011
When Goodall and the owner's negotiating team step up to the mike and announce the makings of a collective bargaining agreement for the upcoming NFL season, believe me, it is so because the owners are in charge here. They have what they want - a lowerin… more »

Doesn't Look Good

July 22nd, 2011
If only we lived in a Utopian world where mistakes and miscalculations never happen, but I see this US debt ceiling plan failing because nobody in the long run is confident of how it will be achieved. Everything is a pig in a poke. Prospective savings i… more »

Frederick Kempe's "Berlin 1961", World on the Edge

July 22nd, 2011
It has taken nearly fifty years to complete the full story on the Berlin Crisis of 1961, and modern author and journalist, Frederick Kempe, has done it with accurate and spell-binding detail. Kempe has taken a critical chain of geopolitical events back… more »
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