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Time to Defocus

July 12th, 2011
Read David Leigh's "WikiLeaks" and you might find some interesting fresh perspectives on this man Assange's philosophy. While I still don't like his hacking, creepy ways of doing business, I now don't see him as big a threat to international security th… more »

Heed on Right Side of Law, Unfortunately!

July 12th, 2011
Far be it from me to defend Kash Heed, former Solicitor-General and BC Liberal MLA who has been under serious scrutiny recently for possibly violating BC Election spending limits. I must, however, remind other posters that offences under the Elections A… more »

How to Balance the Books!

July 12th, 2011
Put a freeze on all new spending for the next five years, cut back all current spending by 15%, raise taxes by 15% right across the board, and see how quickly the budget deficit shrinks. I like Obama's decision to draw a line in the sand with the Republ… more »

Managing a Precious Resource

July 12th, 2011
I know that water is a precious commodity so I use it carefully. In my old town, the glacier, as its main source of drinking water, receded over a hundred feet in forty years. Water the lawns late at night for ten minute slots three times a week. If gra… more »

The Gains and Pains of Settling In

July 12th, 2011
We are now well into our second week of living in Victoria and have yet to see our furniture. Added to which the inflatable mattress we are presently sleeping on while we wait for our bed has sprung a leak. And if that isn't all, the browser on our lapt… more »
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