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The Need for a Carbon Fund

July 11th, 2011
I would favour a national carbon tax only if it was used to encourage the development of alternative energy sources and means of public transportation. We now live in the big city of Victoria and have made a commitment to use the car only when absolutel… more »

Have a Heart, Guys!

July 11th, 2011
It is the middle of July, and the low-lying suburbs of Prince George are under flood alert. As a former resident of Northern BC - anywhere north of Cache Creek - I had to pass through this northern city at least three times a year to get anywhere. This… more »

Poster Boy for Boils!

July 11th, 2011
Marc Emery, the self-proclaimed King of Pot, is at it again; this time from inside the walls of a Mississippi prison where he is serving the remainder of a five-year prison sentence for selling pot seeds via the mail. He has gone public with the disgust… more »

Second Chances!

July 11th, 2011
The fact that the senior editor of the News of the World should go is a moot point simply because Murdoch needs her to head up the transition team as this paper undergoes a major transformation in becoming the Loos of the World. Rebekah Brook's hands-on… more »