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Defense of the Party System

April 23rd, 2011
Thank goodness for the party system. It helps to define the shape of national and regional policies that go into running this country. Yes, the individual candidate brings something to the table but only, in most cases, a bit of a proven or unproven tra… more »

The Political Terrain is Changing!

April 23rd, 2011
I'm surprised that the pundits aren't speculating on the possible demise of the Liberal Party in this country. If my riding is anything to go by, the Liberals are dead in the water. In fact, the candidate hasn't even shown up. I predict the NDP will tak… more »

Solomon Volkov's "Romanov Riches" - The Paradox of Freedom

April 23rd, 2011
This book is one of the better surveys of modern Russian literature I've read in a while since Isaiah Berlin's study of Russian revolutionary writers of the 19th century. Volkov examines the content of Russian literature, in its various genres, as it ev… more »