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The Moral Imperative Behind the Political Agenda

After reading Maikiah Prull’s recent musings in “The Tyee”, I am more convinced than ever that the new Horgan coalition government has a hidden agenda it wants to spring on British Columbians over the next couple of years, if it… Continue Reading →

A Turning Point in Politics?

This is proving to be a very exhilarating year politically as established parties, right across the globe, are striving to redefine themselves as the true representatives of either the Left or Right. Gone is the myth that the place of… Continue Reading →

Nixon and Trump

I am currently reading John Farrell’s definitive study on the life of Richard Milhous Nixon and finding some eery comparisons to that of Donald James Trump, his most recent successor in the White House. What these two American commanders-in-chief have… Continue Reading →

A Critique of Big Picture History

Big picture history is really a scientific-based narrative for us to use in determining how and where humans fit into the greater scheme of matter ‘evolving’ over time. Its main conclusion that the universe is a transitory phenomenon is based on a couple of key scientific criteria that… Continue Reading →

Departure of a Boyhood Friend

They often say that the good guys get to leave first when it comes to dying. In that case, don’t overstay your time here if you can help it. Just the other day I received news that Kate, an old… Continue Reading →

Living an Insecure Life

This past week has been yet another time in my life when I learned how really insecure I am meant to be, even with all the safety nets I try to arrange to avoid falling prey to misadventure. I am… Continue Reading →

Some Things About Life I Learned this Past Week

For someone my age, the learning curve should be levelling off; that is, the more one knows, the less one has to learn. Quantifying knowledge should reach a critical mass where the mind slows down in terms of what it… Continue Reading →

Rethinking BC Liberal Politics

The last several days have become for many of us a time for serious, sober reflection as to where the BC Liberal Party goes over the next year or so as official opposition in the legislature. While such a pending… Continue Reading →

A Tribute to a Great Marriage

After thirty-nine years of marital bliss, I have to say it has been more than just an exciting ride that I naturally don’t want to end. It has become an incredibly important learning curve where both Belle and I are… Continue Reading →

Tipping Points in History

I am in the process of reading Professor Allison’s very fine study on the present state of global geopolitics titled “Destined for War”. In this very methodical examination of what is happening between the superpowers, Allison posits the idea that… Continue Reading →

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