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Dodgers, Celtics and Fighting Irish

The above three teams are ones I have followed over the years. Their organizations have an extended history of consistently winning at the national level. 2017 is the year that all three have made an important impact on the art… Continue Reading →

Canine Issues

Most of us know at least one friendly mutt or pooch in our lives, even if we are not its proud owner. For me, it is more like three or four. Names like Marti, Rocky, Jack and Max come to… Continue Reading →

The Bush Factor

What will it take for America to come to grips with the seeming nightmare of a self-absorbed, nativistic, malignant narcissistic president running the country? Right now, the problem is obvious: currently, the country is majorally divided along deep partisan lines,… Continue Reading →

The Dodgers are in the World Series

The last week or so has produced a mixed bag of success for me in the world of sports, what with Rodgers being knocked for the season with a broken clavicle and Hayward receiving a season ending ankle break. These… Continue Reading →

While the World Turns

While we were away on holidays in Europe, five major events took place, none of which directly impacted us in a negative way. There were floods, wildfires, hurricanes, mass shootings, and serious rumblings of independence, all very close to where… Continue Reading →

Streets without Names

Welcome to the maddening world of trying to get around a North African city like Tangiers. Belle and I took a self-directed tour of the ancient city the other day, and came away both enlightened and flabbergasted as to how… Continue Reading →

On a Fact Finding Tour

It is four days to go before our big annual holiday, and we have decided to take a break from the packing to do a little Saturday afternoon tour or walkaround of downtown Victoria. We planned this outing to coincide… Continue Reading →

Drive Defensively!

The past few weeks have been scary times for drivers in the Greater Victoria area. There isn’t a day goes by when one doesn’t hear of a nasty road accident somewhere nearby: rollovers, collisions, road rage, running a red light,… Continue Reading →

Getting it Right

I had just settled into a night’s sleep of pleasant dreams when I was awakened with a squeal of tires and a loud bang outside our bedroom window. We live on the top floor looking out over one of the… Continue Reading →

The Power of Politics versus the Politics of Power

The past few days in BC politics has proven, once again, that there are no set scripts for what transpires in the halls of power. For the past five months – leading up to the provincial election and culminating with… Continue Reading →

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