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Inside the Lion’s Den of BC Politics

The problem with the environmental movement in BC is not so much what they say in defence of Mother Earth but what they assume everyone(converted and unconverted alike)should then do to protect the natural order. Having failed to convince the… Continue Reading →

An Island of Forgetfulness

There are some places one goes to temporarily forget the pressures of the present in order to enjoy the pleasures of the past. Deep sleep might be one of those ‘lotus-eater’ spaces where forgetfulness might be the tonic the doctor… Continue Reading →

When diplomacy fails

Though a very refined process that usually employs well-tested strategies and strives for realistic goals, the undertaking of international diplomacy is never guaranteed any measure of intermediate or ultimate success. In the geopolitical matrix, too much can go wrong when… Continue Reading →

NCR and the Future of Shopping

I recently met someone who works for National Cash Register as a service rep. During our time together, we got around to chatting about the future of traditional cash registers and ATMs in our consumer world. As one who spent… Continue Reading →

A Return to the Fray

It has been almost four years since the last provincial election in BC and a lot has both changed and stayed the same on a number of key political and economic fronts. While the much vaunted natural gas plan promised… Continue Reading →

Truth and Politics

It is, once again, political season here in BC and I am getting geared up to campaign for the government side. The last time, four years ago, I was somewhat disengaged because I had just moved into the area and… Continue Reading →

End of Life is Never Easy

This past couple of months have been very instructive for me when it comes to dealing with death once again. Like most Canadians, I am not immune from the fact that death or that transitory moment between this life and… Continue Reading →

Wait Long Enough and . . .

This past week has been proof once again that good ideas, programs and people don’t quickly disappear at the first or second setbacks. Proof of that comes in the gradual ascendancy of the Gonzaga University Bulldogs men’s basketball team over… Continue Reading →

The Oddest of Circumstances

Over our married life we have had to put up with the occasional acting up of television service. Problems like power outages, software failures, or just plain old wearing out of equipment have, thankfully, been few and far between and… Continue Reading →

An Update on Trump

We are closing in on the first hundred days of the Trump administration, and what we have is the making of a brand new culture of political staging, the likes which have never been seen in Washington, DC, before. I… Continue Reading →

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