Back in 1969, I graduated from Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary in Surrey, BC. Back then, the school boasted an enrollment of 500 students with a modest athletic program of three sports: basketball, track and rugby. If anything, my particular class had some real academic talent. Over the years since, the Cloverdale area boomed and a new school was built to replace the old one. With the new campus came a new track, an all-weather field, and an ultra-modern facility. Lord Tweedsmuir became a high school football powerhouse, fielded some credible soccer and rugby teams, while still running a decent basketball program. On the last count, it was a school that had the distinction of coming close to making it to the 4A provincial boys only to lose in the last qualifying round. 1969 was just one of those agonizing seasons where a good team lost by four points to a cross-district rival for the honor of moving on. Well, fifty years later, and I am delighted to announce that LT has finally done the unthinkable and not only made it to the big dance but won the top division by starting as the ninth seed proceeding to knock off two top rank teams. In the final, they came back from twenty down in fourth quarter to win by five. I wonder what old Coach Ray Van Iperan would think today if he were still around? High school basketball, over the years, has become truly a game that is played at a more sophisticated level, with players being able to dunk, dribble, shoot and defend like never before. The fact that LT finally made it all the way means that its players came together as a complete team who knew how to get it done when it counted. Oh, my job was running the clock or keeping score, a challenging job at the best of times.