A week after writing a blog on the SNC Lavalin scandal out of Ottawa, I am prepared to do a follow-up in an attempt at further clarification. What I know now, as opposed to then, is enough, I feel, to set the record straight for those, like me, who follow the news on a family basis. After delving further into the limited facts of the case, through listening, watching and reading, I come up with the following conclusions. One, the Trudeau cabinet allowed Wilson-Rybault, as Justice Minister, to tell SNC Lavalin that it would be prosecuted on corruption charges. No deferments or special favors coming from Justin and the boys. Two, as Chief Clerk, Michael Wernick, recently testified, he advised Wilson-Rybauld on a number of occasions that the decision was hers. Three, he did, however, warn her about the political and economic consequences if she chose to pursue prosecution. Four, over the following three months, various attempts were made to change her mind, leading up to the time when Justin demoted her to Minister of Veteran Affairs. Like many other Canadians, I have no difficulty connecting this demotion with the constant badgering of Wilson-Rybauld within cabinet to get her to change her mind. As cause-effect goes, failure to redirect her as attorney general resulted in her losing that position. Five, all the various stories offered by Justin, the man supposedly in charge, as to what actually happened, only amount to an incredible tissue of half truths. Six, hopefully, the truth will finally come out this week when Wilson-Rybauld testifies before the parliamentary justice committee without solicitor-client privilege being invoked. Seven, we have to hear from the likes of Gerald Butts, the former principal secretary to the PM, as to what he said to Wilson-Rybauld on SNC as late as last December when the cabinet shuffle happened. Scuttlebutt coming out of cabinet recently seems to tag the former minister as somebody who wasn’t a good team player. Now, I know why.