Over the past month or so lovely Victoria, that Canadian Eden that rarely sees snow, cold weather, or high winds like the rest of the country, has been buffeted by all three in large quantities. This last week, halfway through February and a month away from Spring, we have been walloped with 80 km/hr winds, over 35 cm of wet snow, freezing temperatures, wind gusts, icy walkways, impassable roads and three snow days. After going up the Malahat Friday with a friend to ref a basketball tournament in Duncan, and seeing all those cars in the ditch from inclement weather, I have decided to park the car until things improve. Here is my list of interesting moments over the last 96 hours of weather close to home:

A. People still persist, over the years, to try to drive up the hill (but don’t make it) outside our condo during a snowfall using only summer tires;

B. I saw a rabbit bolt across a yard in Sydney one day during a heavy windstorm. Don’t tell me animals don’t suffer when it gets cold;

C. The old timers, all to a person, remember the 1996 dump when 20 inches fell and Victoria grounded to a halt for over three days;

D. A couple of us did some extensive snow shoveling to keep the sidewalks clear. Apparently, our snow remover wasn’t up to shifting the heavy stuff;

E. Lots of time to read and do small projects around the place because of cancelled events;

F. Belle and I did a peak saver tonight where we turned the heat down for three hours as part of Hydro’s plan to cut consumption during a cold spell;

G. Even with cleared pathways around the city, we take our time walking. Any uneven surface is an occasion for ice to build up;

H. Hot water bottles definitely come in handy when keeping warm at night.