Too often we get locked into positions that limit our appreciation for life. We either feel comfortable about the little we know or terribly apprehensive about what we might be missing out on. To guard against being hung up between these two positions, I have decided to explore some new possibilities that might expand my ability to handle life’s many little challenges, and all entail some form of game playing at a local recreation center. Until now, lawn bowling, basketball reffing, and golf have been my main interests. Since all three of these pursuits require considerable driving across the city and are becoming real tests to my physicality – sore knees and other complaints – I need to learn how to engage in more activities that offer a greater variety of personal stimulation. I have chosen canasta, table tennis and darts to see if I can acquire a new skill set or two that allows me a more enjoyable and relaxed sense of participation while still enjoying physical involvement. That way, I can feel some personal growth outside my proverbial comfort zone or wall. To that end, I am reviewing aspects of all three games in the hope that at least one will answer to my need to change. By the way, this move does not mean saying good-bye to my traditional outlets.