Here are ten recent experiences in my life that prove the point that everything of value comes with a direct cost:

  1. A vigorous workout on the basketball court brings aches and pains that need to be addressed to prevent them from worsening;
  2. Blowing a whistle to make a call on the court often comes with a 50-50 chance that you will get it wrong;
  3. Reading great books might mean you eventually run out of time to finish them;
  4. Playing a competitive game of bowls doesn’t always mean you will win;
  5. Just because your splendid tropical plant flourishes one week doesn’t mean it will the next;
  6. Mild weather brings out the pests. The condo is inundated with bothersome little flies originating from an ailing Diefenbakia plant;
  7. Living in a nice condo means that there are costs in maintaining it. This week, our strata fees went up again, though I am pleased to see the strata continues to build its contingency fund;
  8. My local lawn bowling club learned recently that it had blown through its reserves as a result of a nasty little accelerator clause built into a building improvement project;
  9. My insatiable love for coffee continues to play havoc with my IBS;
  10. Living in the beautiful city of Victoria often means fighting traffic, noise, and tight schedules.