This morning I decided to visit my lawn bowling club for a friendly game of short-mat bowls. I knew beforehand that the competition would be tough because the club is home to a couple of Canadian champs, but I needed something to prove that my indoor game was moving in the right direction. My busy schedule allows me one or two league games a week and a daily draw if time permits. Since I live four miles away from the club, I choose to select my visits wisely. For two intensive hours this morning, Dave and I faced off against Brent, a national champ, and Most, a provincial champ. Back and forth we went, with great shots and matching strategies. It ultimately came down to us winning on the final shot when Dave knocked out their counter and stayed. An amazing shot made possible because we had built a head that allowed his bowl just enough room to penetrate. More importantly, I learned from a missed opportunity in the eleventh end to pay closer attention to important details.