About two months after the BC Legislature scandal broke, the public finally gets to see what the criminal allegations might actually be. In a 76 page report written by Daryl Places, the Speaker of the House, I counted over a 100 incidents of potentially unauthorized and illegal expenditures by the Clerk of the Assembly and the Sergeant-at-arms over the past year. While I have serious reservations about Plecas as a politician and a whistle blower, this report offers a descriptive list of some very questionable acts that could lead to breach of trust charges. While I will leave that part of the story to a forensic investigation that will supercede Plecas’ insinuating shopping list, I want to take a brief look at the other side: the damage to the integrity of public institutions that dishonest practices may visit if left unchecked. The longer people with status work within a system such as a legislature, the easier it is for them to feel entitled to certain perks that come with the job: booze, meals, trips, clothes/uniforms, gifts. While most of the items in this report have been claimed as reimbursements, the question needing answered is who is authorizing the claims? In this era of post-truth, who is telling these two senior bureaucrats what is acceptable and what is not on the public dime? Certainly not Daryl Plecas whose purview it is to run the legislature as an accountable enterprise. From reading the report I get the impression that Plecas, as he was learning the ropes as speaker, was greatly intimidated by these two prominent officials when it came to discharging his office. So much so that he often participated just to keep the peace. What I am looking for in this whole shabby scandal is when and why did Plecas acquire a conscience and how much do his findings say about the fallen state of provincial politics. Remember, there is a whole other political tale behind these two men coming to power which likely started long before the NDP came to office in 2017. I rather suspect Plecas pursued this matter only because the Liberals deserted him when he accepted the Speaker’s position when the NDP-Green coalition took power.