What many of us don’t realize in this modern era of social media is that Donald Trump is more than just a populist gasbag whose crazy talk far exceeds his capacity to produce results. What most people who don’t like Trump are prone to do is mock him as some modern right-wing political bore who lacks social graces, tolerance, integrity, and intelligence when it comes to pushing his agenda. In their estimation, he is a dangerous wingnut who occupies the same space as other villains such as Hitler, Stalin, Nixon and Pol Pot. The name Trump, for many political leftwingers, is synonymous with evil, greed, immorality, ignorance, and corruption. Every night, without fail, the talk shows roll out a half hour of unflattering monologue of a Trump White House that is nothing short of incompetent, farcical, and disgusting. Hence the question on which the whole debate as to Trump’s suitability as commander-in-chief turns: how truly bad is Trump and have his enemies simply overstated their case to make a point that has as much impact of a blunt knife? As a political moderate, there are many things about Trump I don’t like and might censure him for if I were a hothead. What I do instead is look at the bigger picture of what he is trying to do, albeit in an unorthodox, nativistic, and bumbling way, and determine how successful he has been in coming through on his election promises. The list is impressive if you belong to that 41-42% of American voters who adore him. He has an impressive rock solid base that has only grown over his term as president; he oversees an economy that enjoys incredible prosperity; he has basically hijacked the Republican Party and made it his hand servant; and he has managed to unsettle western alliances and their neo-liberal leaders with talk about tearing up the old order. In short, all these developments have happened because Trump has convinced himself and his followers, with a fair dose of bluff and bluster, that he is a man of vision who gets things done, even if there is evidence that all is not as it seems. For those on the left, it all sounds so improbable and dangerous a set of claims that would match Mussolini’s resurgent Pax Romana. There is one more promise he would like to fulfill, especially for the law and order element in the camp. He wants to build his precious wall, all $5.6 billion, to make America finally secured from a dangerous world outside its borders. To get the required funding, which a Democratic Congress won’t give him, he has launched a constitutional end-run that will allow him to build his wall, answer to his base and win a second term in 2020, and there is nothing the other side can do except protest through the courts. He is in the process of declaring a national emergency based on the narrative that an illegal immigrant crisis threatens to overwhelm the southern borders. Obviously, his opponents think otherwise and are prepared to stand up to him, come what may. On the other hand Trump is trying to answer the question as to his ability to lead by taking decisive action on a very divisive subject that also includes a partial shutdown of government. Pushing him in that direction are millions of right wingers who expect their champion to deliver – people the other side still refer to as deplorable.