This past couple of days has driven home for me the need to pay more attention to the small details in my very complex life. One, I should never conclude what I haven’t thoroughly checked out first, and, two, those critical little details that often elude me on first inspection turn out to be the key building blocks that open up new learning possibilities. The example I give here is my recent attempt to find and download a new digital platform for audio books. As MP3 users from a long way back, my wife and I have always used the library program Overdrive to check out our favorite books for downloading. We like listening to these professionally rendered recordings as we go on long walks or do household chores. It has taken some time to get used to this format, so you can well imagine our trepidation when we received a recent e-mail from the library informing us that it was switching to a new service in the interests of improving selection and checkout of books. Our immediate response was to quickly reserve a bunch of titles before the changeover happened. That way we could take our time in figuring out the finer details. A few months later, after the checked out recordings had been exhausted, came the moment of truth. Of course, being creatures of habit, we went back to Overdrive only to learn that our library no longer used it. Just before Christmas, I put a call into Library Central for a new update. Four days later someone phoned back to inform us that RBDigital was the new setup and could be reached through the library website. Until then I assumed that MP3 recordings were no longer available because it was old technology. After having a frustrating time trying to install an updated app, Belle suddenly remembered that it had to be done through the library website. Sure enough, there it was, hours later, waiting to used, but for one small glitch: how to get two titles onto my Zen device. While Belle was successful in transferring a book to her WHM, I couldn’t find where mine had gone. Under the old system, they normally went to albums but this time they weren’t there, despite Belle’s belief that the transfer had to have taken place. As I was ready to assume that my MP3 was incompatible with this new app, Belle encouraged me to do one last look, and there they were stuck in an obscure all-track file where previously none of the recordings had gone. I should have remembered the little pop-up earlier which mentioned Zen as one of four devices that didn’t tell RBDigital where to send the downloaded book.