So what is Malcomson up to reading this Christmas? Remember, he is the right-wing moderate who is retired with so much time on his hands that if he didn’t have a book to turn to, he would drive his dear wife crazy with all his maunderings. Wrong, I actually don’t need books as much as I think I do. Other media, like internet radio, television, music and film fill some of my leisure hours. Where those come up short, I turn to gardening, golfing, meditating, politicking, coloring, puzzles, and visiting with friends. As for those books that I have taken on this past while, here is my Christmas list: George Orwell’s “Collected Essays”, Norman Sherry’s definitive biography on the life of Graham Greene, Anthony Beevor’s “Arnhem”, and Eric Vuillard’s “The Order of the Day”. All four books are opening up new worlds to me: Orwell’s canny ability to smell a political rat; Sherry’s gift to describe the true measure of human failure; Beevor’s penchant for describing the intricacies of modern warfare; and Vuillard’s sense of history in the making. Next week I will talk about a new batch of books including Sarah Weinman’s “The Real Lolita”.