Every so often I like to do a major overhaul in my life. That means out with the old and in with the new, in the hope that I can still improve with age. Like in the iconic movie, where Mary Poppins magically descends on a traditional Victorian home to administer a gentle but firm wake-up call to start trusting the power of its collective imagination to thrive outside the ordinary. ¬†Here are some experiential frontiers that I am reaching for and meeting with some success. One, Belle and I have decided to stay with our church in spite of the big changes underway in its music program. We have weighed the options that come with flight and have decided to stay. Continuing to grow in fellowship and grace are more important to us than clinging to traditional music and order of service. While the transition hasn’t been easy, strangely enough it has the potential to bring two very distinct forms of worship together with some compromise: traditional and contemporary. Two, I have decided to make some major adjustments in my basketball reffing game. Besides putting a lot more time into preparing for the national exam, I now do a more elaborate pregame routine that involves addressing oncourt issues. The result is that I am getting tougher assignments when other refs my age are packing it in. I did the unthinkable this past week by doing fourteen games. Three, I have entered into a sharing arrangement with my neighbor, Len, where I read his New Yorkers and he reads my “Philosophy Now”. The result is a golden opportunity to express and share ideas, over coffee, on a wide range of cultural perspectives, including choral music. Len is an old radio station manager from the prairies, with a rich knowledge of what it takes to make people tune in.¬†