The Green Bay Packers finally got around to doing the inevitable: management fired Mike McCarthy as the longest surviving Packer head coach in the team’s history. As a Packer fan, over many years, I have become very blase about the team’s play this season. Dropped balls, missed field goals, penalties, too much reliance on Rodgers to bail them out, and sloppy play with the safeties has led to a number of close losses to both great and mediocre teams across the league. Maybe the firing was needed to shake up a team that has temporarily lost its way. Losing by three to the basement dwelling Cardinals was that proverbial hair that broke the camel’s back. If there had been just a little more of a game plan that mixed both a balance of pass and run, McCarthy would still be calling the shots. What we have instead is a fire that signals the need for a new look. Doesn’t mean that McCarthy isn’t a good head coach. He needs a change as well, and since this is the extension year of his contract, now may be the ideal time to part ways. While i agree with Tony Dungey that it is a harsh thing to do to one of the more successful coaches in the sport, something had to be done. I look for him to resurface somewhere else very shortly. As for Rodgers, he needs time to work with this new corps of receivers that frankly looked awful today with a bad case of the dropsy. As for me, I’ll still be there as a loyal follower though I will back the Pats for the time being because they are well coached.