Today, I faced the impossible challenge in indoor mat bowling: I was the member of a team of three that on paper was definitely underskilled when compared with our own opponents. As draws go, nobody on our side had international experience or the luxury of provincial competition. Instead of asking for the sides to be reconfigured in the interests of greater fairness, our side decided to suck it up and take on the challenge of being the decided underdogs. Throughout the game, the play was amazingly close in many of the ends, with the better team winning closest to the jack by the slimmest of margins. We pulled off several big ends with great shots, but the ultimate winners were the other guys who used their talent and experience to a greater advantage. The takeaways from this game are threefold: One, this was not a stacked affair as it turned out. We could have won if we had been just a little better in our delivery and selection. Two, the determination not to be skunked kept us fighting for every available point. Third, we played like a team, helping to raise each other’s spirits with tips, humor, and good play. Our performance was nothing to be ashamed of, considering that nobody would be giving us a chance of winning. There was only one bad end, which, if eliminated, might have changed the outcome. Personally, I like these heavy-lift situations because they allow me to test my mettle when it comes to playing at a new level in this highly competitive sport.