I have become a curious spectacle of humanity these days as I try to divest myself of sports teams that I have been supporting all these years. Not an easy feat to accomplish because my loyalties go deep as a fan and student of an array of sports from basketball to baseball to football to soccer. Not only do I think I know how these games should be played with respect to rules and strategies but I delight in watching good play. That combination is sufficient to allow me to identify strongly with teams that are committed to playing at a competitive level. Until now, the Packers, the Celtics, Manchester United, the Fighting Irish, and the Dodgers have sufficed to fill my sports-viewing menu on the big front. The problem, however, has become not a matter of not having enough time to watch these great franchises as they take to the field or court but seeing them compete for the ultimate prize. This past year or two has put a special accent on going deep in the playoffs. All five of these teams have been there only to come up short. Knowing that, this fall has been frustrating for both the Celtics and Packers who are off to slow starts in the new season.  My TV watching time is limited because of my basketball reffing schedule and other pursuits, I really have picked my games carefully to get that real time thrill that comes when things go right. When they don’t, Belle can often hear me in the next room expressing my dudgeon at bad plays, and reminding me that it is only a game to be enjoyed in the moment. I have finally come to agree with her to the point of trying not to yell at the TV screen when my team stinks, finding things to do outside the condo when the important games are on, and paying more attention to my lawn bowling game. By spreading out my avocational retirement interests, I am coming to grips with an issue that has come to dominate my life: an abnormal obsession with activities that should only serve to entertain at the time. Believe me when I say it is not healthy to commit a lot of emotional time to watching a team over a season only to have them lose in the end. I know a couple of Seahawk 12th man types who have lost interest in attending games because the winning feel, at best, comes back in spurts. My desire is to now watch games with a more objective take on the action where I recognize great plays on both sides of the ball, thus better understanding outcomes based on performance. Maybe it is time for me to get back to why I like these sports and what it takes to perform at a high level.