We are living in times of potentially great cultural, economic and political paradigm shifts,  where baby boomers like  me give way to millennials, where fossil fuels are replaced by green energy, traditional churches are supplanted by less conventional forms of worship, and the United States relinquishes its role as global policeman to the European Union. In all this, we may be very aware that we are in the midst of it but still not be able to predict its long-term outcomes, because the various landscapes and scenarios are forever changing before our very eyes. On a spiritual level, I accept that God is in charge of this world whatever happens but I still have concerns as to how humanity will or will not handle the switch, given so many unknowns like rising debt, increased degradation of the environment, and growing political instability and polarization. In a recent public forum, our national minister of foreign affairs, Christie Freeland, in response to a question about how to deal with ever-changing relations with the US, suggested that her government wants to carry on building stronger ties regardless of who is in power. That being said, there is an ever-increasing siren call from Europe and the rest of the world to reject Trumpism and its narrow  nationalistic base and move towards a more inclusive form of globalism that supports a rule of law that crosses borders and encourages more open trade. At this stage, Canada is obviously at a crossroads where it wants the best of both worlds that dovetails with its neo-liberal interests and humanitarian sensibilities. In other words, ready access to a huge American market and an equally large footprint offshore. Perhaps, the time is coming when Canada will have to decide one way or the other if the US continues to go down the path of greater insularity in terms of border security, more protective tariffs, and less commitment to international intervention. However, for now, a carefully managed high-wire act doesn’t hurt when it comes to keeping one’s options open as long as possible.