For the past week I have been living with plugged ears. I woke up last Sunday morning with an extraordinary feeling: both my ears were solidly blocked with wax and I couldn’t hear a blessed thing. ¬†I tried to stretch my jaw in the hope of popping whatever was obstructing both ear canals, to no avail. Everything inside my head seemed like I was in some sort of echo chamber, with a whirring¬†sound coming from deep inside my head and pressure building up in the eardrum. While I knew the sensation is called tinnitus, I just couldn’t imagine how I came to contract it. Frantically, I rushed to the bathroom to locate some Q-tips to do some early morning exploring inside my ears. Being as careful as possible, I did some probing, looking to dislodge the offending glob of wax. After coming up empty, I turned to Belle for some advice, who immediately suggested that I put some warm olive oil in both ears, a remedy she regularly uses herself and one my mother used herself to treat earaches. After a few days of this homeopathic application, especially in the left ear, I got the big flush Friday. Some improvements but more work to be done on the right one. According to my doctor, I am now in that stage of life where my hearing will be plagued by wax build-up, due to sweat, dirt, and dead skin collecting in those out-of-the-way places. Maybe the time has come for me to purchase a syringe to do my own washing out. Then there is the possibility that I have some kind of sinus infection, since throat, ear and nasal chambers are all interconnected. I guess I will have that theory tested out if I have to visit the doctor again this week.