I have just come off a grueling five week political campaign at the municipal level, and feel like my time has been poorly spent in terms of overall results. Sure, there was big time change, with a number of big profile mayors going down to defeat across the province, including my candidate who headed up a slate as a way of addressing contentious issues like housing and transportation. The outcome in my district is one where the new guy has promised to bring eight different councillors together to address the critical need to provide affordable housing, regulate development, investigate the possibilities of amalgamation, and continue to keep taxes at a manageable level. Keep in mind that council, when deconstructed, is made up of nine independent minds from all walks of life: youth, business, environment, academic, and public services. All I get, as a voter, in this whole democratic process is one incumbent who just happened to be a member of the slate getting elected and another individual making it to school board. There were so many good-minded citizens running for office this time that it took a full page to include them all. Picking winners was next to impossible because even with my involvement in local politics, I hardly knew the many names confronting me. Having a slate to vote for at least gave me something to focus on. No wonder voter turnout remains in the low thirty percent because people just don’t know who to vote for except the new guy who promises nebulous change.