Talk about a hollow victory: as of this morning, the sale and consumption of marijuana is legal per regulations that make It illegal to sell to a minor, sell outside a certified dispensary, and smoke in a public space or strata. Nothing much politically has changed except that now Ottawa and the provinces have chosen to no longer prosecute personal possession and consumption as offences under the criminal code. Still, however, striking down the old law has led to new ones being created to cover for illegal sale, unsafe consumption and black market cultivation. While I don’t really care what adults do with their lives when it comes to using cannabis or, for that matter alcohol, I am not sure that governments across Canada will be able to prevent the illicit stuff from continuing to be available to youth. While I remain somewhat guarded that these newly acquired rights won’t threaten my space, I can only see their implementation as fraught with all kinds of dangerous neurological dispositions stemming from the impact of high concentrations of THC and its addictive effects. In response to these concerns, Ottawa and the Trudeau government offer the optimistic assurance that pot users will be encouraged to play within the new rules by being responsible when it comes to knowing how much and when. Be that as it may, I remain skeptical that the police forces are really ready to enforce the new provisions when it comes to public safety, especially when it comes to driving while under the influence.  Oh, yes, this new era of so-called pot euphoria comes with a promise that Ottawa will pardon all Canadians formerly convicted under the old law, and even waive the fees that go with the application. While I woke up early this morning to brilliant sunshine and the promise of another great day in God’s creation, somewhere across this country dispensaries were opening to sell a range of certifiably safe – whatever that means – marijuana for $40 for 3-4 grams.