Three months ago my wife and I finished a 2000 piece puzzle showing the Brooklyn Bridge with downtown Manhattan in the background. As jigsaws go, one of the tougher ones we have ever attempted because the evening sky involved six different hues of blue. While we have done larger puzzles, this one really tested our ingenuity and patience. You can well imagine our chagrin when we came up one piece short. Look as we may, there was no 2000th piece to close the deal. So necessity became the mother of invention as I fashioned a replacement piece. Just the other day, I made an early morning phone call to a friend up north who had just lost her husband. As I put my hand in the pocket of my bath robe, which I hadn’t worn for months, I felt an object that reminded me of a jigsaw piece. Taking it out, I immediately saw, to my absolute shock, that it was the missing dark blue piece that had disappeared months before. After announcing the find to Belle, I put the phone down and walked over to the puzzle lying on the dining-room table under a plastic sheet, lifted it, located the impostor, and quickly replaced it with the real one. Imagine my joy at discovering what I thought I would never find at a moment in my life when I was preparing to console a friend over an infinitely greater loss.